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Excerpt: The Worship of Nature The worship of Nature is based on the personification of natural phenomena, for the men and women of olden times personified the various objects and forces of Nature and worshipped them as Gods ” in these nature worships ”



The Terrestrial gods seem to be older than the celestial deities so the earthly divinities will be our first objects of study. The earth itself worshipped under the name The Great Mother was the oldest of Nature Gods …

The earth was universally believed to be the most ancient object in Nature , the sun, moon, and stars were considered to be comparative recent. All living creatures proceed from earth all are sustained by earth all are finally reduced to dust and returned to earth , Her Motherhood was aboriginal Amerika no mere figure of speech but belief ”

Among Egyptians the earth was personified as a male deity by the name Seb,Keb,Geb, and his consort was the Sky goddess Nut(Newt) , in Egyptian art Seb is shown in human form and with his head adorned with either a crown or goose. A species of geese called Seb geese was sacred to god because of the belief that once upon a time Seb had changed himself into a goose and had traveled through the air in that shape and in the hieroglyphic inscription. He is symbolized as both goose or and egg.

The Winnebago Indians worshipped the earth as a goddess under the name of Mama (Earth) and Kunika (GrandMother) .The lenni le regarded earth as the universal mother and claimed their ancestors were created in the interior of the earth and dwelt there before coming out upon earth. #MANGODCIVILIZATION

Haki Kweli Shakur – indigenous Afrikan Spiritual Science / Spirituality Didn’t Start in a Book