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Islam, peace, and greetings to you all.

I rise giving all praise to Allah and the highest of honors to his Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali. I extend those honors to the harbinger and forerunner whom I personally call “St. Garvey Bey” Marcus M. Garvey. I extend honors to all true and divine Prophets and I extend honors to you all for when man honors man, he honors his father God-Allah.

This particular treatise is, in this authors opinion, a very critical aspect of the teachings that has become misunderstood and leads to the misleading misguiding of many pertaining to this Moorish movement. Such an ideology feeds the false notion that this land belongs to the Moors and so Moors are not subject to the laws of the government here; something which is completely false. I have had several battles pertaining this particular subject, some of which those whom I have debated with, have become personal and, which have lead many of my detractors from several offshoot groups to ridicule, castigate, and alienate this Sheik. I have offered challenges of $500.00 to bring in outside scholars to judge a debate between myself and my detractors and none would accept. They would rather say “we are all right, and you are wrong,” rather than proving me wrong. In this particular treatise, we prove them wrong and challenge them to bring an argument to the contrary.

Many in various “Moor/Moorish” circles have made the false assertion that Prophet Noble Drew Ali, who first introduced us to the name “Amexem” was not only speaking about Africa, but also the Americas as well. Most of these misrepresentations of this reference are espoused by fringe Moorish groups like Great Seal, Moors Order of the Round Table, Amexem Moor empire, along with those loose bands of brothers and sisters who choose to call themselves “muurs,” et al, and follow Euro-American sovereign citizen ideology.

Conversely, this same belief is held by some members of the Moorish Science Temple of America and other types of Temples (also a part of the fringe element) calling themselves the “Moorish Holy Temple of Science.” The fringe Moorish/Muurish (still don’t know what a “muur” is) teach that North America is actually “northwest Amexem” and that South America is southwest Amexem. They float this image around from Taj Tariq Bey’s website RV Bey publications which in my opinion, is full of false information wrapped around a few kernels of truth to which makes the false information appear real.

Misrepresentation of Amexem by rogue Moorish groups
Unfortunately, there are some in the M.S.T. of A. who subscribe to this same faulty logic and they also say that Amexem extends over to this region as well because there is no river in West Africa that has black water and so the Prophet had to be speaking about the Rio de Negro in Brazil. I will in this note, refute both of these claims. I will start with the easiest one first and it is the claim made by the fringe Moorish groups.

It is custom for these fringe Moorish groups to take the Prophet’s words and twist them up to suit their own meaning and definitions based on their own interpretations. Ch. 47 v. 2 of the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America says:

“Then came the word Ethiopia, which means the demarcation line of the dominion of Amexem, the first true and divine name of Africa. The dividing of the land between the father and the son.”

So here, the Prophet is making a clear distinction about where Amexem was GEOGRAPHICALLY located which is the place called Africa now. He explains the dominion and inhabitation of a specific group of our ancestors and confined it strictly to Africa when he said at verse four of the same chapter that “The dominion of Cush, North-East and South-East Africa and North-West and South-West was his father’s dominion of Africa.” In this, we see Prophet Noble Drew Ali, the originator and he who revealed this lost history to our people, confining the dominions of the Cushites and Hamites strictly to Africa. In the 101’s or the Moorish American Questionnaire, the question is asked and answered:

32. Where is the Moroccan Empire? Northwest Amexem.

33.What is the modern name for Amexem? Africa.

Now anyone with common sense and a fifth grade reading comprehension will simply put the proverbial 2+2 together and see that Ch. 47 v. 2 matches up with question no. 33 and conclude that, Amexem IS IN FACT Africa according to the ORIGINATOR of the information. What we must note however, is question no. 32 which says “Where is the Moroccan Empire?” To which the answer is given “Northwest Amexem.” Here, we see that the Prophet is specifically speaking about the Northwestern portion of what we call Africa today because history shows us that the Moroccan empire was, located, at…..you guessed it, Morocco! Now according to the logic of these fringe “Moor” groups, America is called “Al Moroc”. When asked for a etymological or historic reference to back up this claim, they NEVER produce one. They try to justify their false claims of America actually being Northwest Amexem by giving America a pseudonym (a false name), namely, “Al Moroc”. What these brothers and sisters who hold onto this falsehood fail to realize is, that there is NOT ONE historical reference of the Sultan of Morocco holding his seat of power here in the Americas. How can you blindly skip past this portion of reasoning? Our questionnaire asks and answers the question in this regard when it says:

34. What is the title given to our ruler in Morocco? Sultan.

What you the reader should note, is that the above is the very next question and answer concurrent with our theme. In the prologue of the Moorish Holy Koran it reads:

“The industrious acts of the Moslems of the northwest and southwest Africa. These are the Moabites, Hamathites, Canaanites, who were driven out of the land of Canaan, by Joshua, and recieved permission from the Pharoahs of Egypt to settle in that portion of Egypt. In later years they formed themselves kingdoms. These kingdoms are called this day Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, etc.”

Are these people, those who espouse the “Amexem is Americas too” theory, saying that these kingdoms of “Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, etc.” was over here in the Americas? They have not, nor can they ever back up these claims. Such fictitious claims made by these people are persona non grata to any TRUE researcher and seeker of facts. I have personally presented mounds of evidence that speaks to the establishment of the Moroccan empire in NORTH AFRICA so there is no need to post that here because what is being said “should be” evident but like most things simple, people make them complicated and thus this note is produced because the fact is, common sense ain’t so common…

Now reason and common sense avers that, if the Prophet is calling Africa by the name of AMEXEM, specifically, then that is what he means. He means that Amexem is the true and divine name of Africa. It is obvious that he taught this to the early members of the M.S.T. of A. as we find in one of the articles of the Moorish Guide published during the time the Prophet walked with us in flesh entitled “DEDICATED TO THE SONS OF MAN” we read:


“Amexem, the land of our Fathers; the land where the Gods love to dwell; the birthplace of the ancient Egypt-land; where civilization first saw the light of day. Now since man has left his first religion he has been suffering from a complex disease which in some way takes hold of his passions and desires.” Moorish Guide Dec. 1928

We know that Egypt land was born in Northeast Africa and this article PROVES that the Prophet taught that Amexem was Africa, again, after telling you it was in Question 33. Are these brothers and sisters who uphold these misinterpretations going to be bold enough to produce the archaeological evidence that the Americas is in fact Africa and that Egypt was on this side of the land and not over in the east where, well, the archaeological evidence (pyramids, hypostyle halls, etc., etc. that are actually in Africa predating anything here in America) which will back up their claims? Of course not. So it is obviously clear that every last one of these instances are speaking about the place we know as AFRICA today and not the America’s. if this is not truth, please present the Prophet’s words that says otherwise being that it was he who brought to us this very information.

Some in the fringe groups, especially those called “Moorish Holy Temple of Science”, et al, of whom I have had several debates with have said and continues to say that Ch. 47 proves that Amexem was the Americas. It says:

The Moabites from the land of Moab who received permission from the Pharaohs of Egypt to settle and inhabit North-West Africa; they were the founders and are the true possessors of the present Moroccan Empire. With their Canaanite, Hittite, and Amorite bretheren who sojourned from the land of Canaan seeking new homes.

Their dominion and inhabitation extended from North-East and South-West Africa, across great Atlantis even unto the present North, South, and Central America and also Mexico and the Atlantis Islands; before the great earthquake, which caused the great Atlantic Ocean.

Notice that it is simply speaking about the dominion (places they would come to rule over) of the Moabites along with their Canaanite, Hittite, and Amorite brethren. It makes no mention of Amexem in this verse. It is speaking to the empire-rule of these ancient Moors from “North-East and South-West Africa, across great Atlantis even unto the present North, South, and Central America and also Mexico.” Prophet Noble Drew Ali never intimates in the slightest that this represents one land, just one empire of people ruling over various lands, that he never calls Amexem. Now common sense and logic avers, that if he wanted us to know the true and divine name of America, he would have said something like “the America’s, whose true and divine name is northwest and southwest Amexem.” Being that he did NOT say that, nor imply anything remotely similar, it is baffling to me that one cannot simply use their minds and see that when the Prophet is speaking of the dominion of these ancient rulers, he is calling them by name and not by land mass. A 5th grader can see this if you were to present the same exact scenario to them. The kingdoms of North Africa became the latter seat of our rule.

What about those who say that the earth was once one connected land mass and this is what is meant by the Prophet?

The doctrine itself, as has been succinctly explicated above, first and foremost, disproves this notion. Several simple answers must asked and answered if this is their logic:

Being that the earth was one land mass about 150-300 million years ago (not the past few thousand years), can those who make this claim prove that the land was called/named Amexem or even Africa for that matter?
Can those who make this claim prove that there were modern day humans walking the planet earth at this time?
Can they provide any records proving that if humans walked the earth at this time, they called themselves, Moabites, Canaanites, Hittites, etc if we are using the Prophet’s teachings as a reference?
That the earthquake that caused the Atlantic ocean, is what caused the continents to separate and shift into their current positions on earth? (Opponents of logic state that the earthquake which caused the Atlantic ocean that Prophet Noble Drew Ali spoke about caused the land mass to split into our current continents)
If they can answer these questions with absolute facts, they ultimately win this debate.

So we can clearly see (for those who have eyes), even if you are not a member of the M.S.T. of A. but come across this treatise, just using the Prophet’s own words, it is quite easy to conclude that Amexem has absolutely no reference to the Americas. Another myth debunked.

Is the Rio Negro, a river in South America, proof that this is in fact Africa?

Unfortunately, there are some groups of the Moorish Science Temple of America who also believe this notion that somehow “West Africa” is referencing the Americas because of the Rio Negro, a river in South America of all places. This is mainly espoused by a group of the Moorish Science Temple of America which styles itself as the “INC.”, a group founded in 1933 under the name of the “Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc.” Through various debates with members of this group on social media, I have become aware of this claim whichs can be found on their website.


The Prophet has informed us in the 101’s (Questionnaire) about the origin of the word negro. He says:

86. Negro, a name given to a river in West Africa by MOORS, because it contains black water.

Many proponents of this fallacious claim fail to realize that the Portuguese, and not the Moors, gave this river this name. This alone refutes their point along with the obvious. They point to the fact that the Negro river in Brazil just had to be what the Prophet was referencing when he spoke about West Africa because it contains black water and that the Niger River in West Africa today, does not contain black water. Are we to automatically assume that the Rio Negro is the river that the Prophet was speaking about all because it is called by the name Negro? Are these brothers in this Temple group also beholding to the false notion that the Americas, is in fact Africa? Unfortunately, they do.

Several questions arise from the Prophet’s question and answer 86 that works against the proponents of this man’s own words with their mere interpretations, and these questions are:

Why did the Prophet say West Africa instead of South America if he really mean South America?
How in good common sense can the Rio Negro, which is situated in SOUTH AMERICA, be the same as a river in West Africa?
Which group of Moors named the river “Rio Negro” that is in Brazil if this is the river that the Prophet was speaking of?
Again, Prophet Noble Drew Ali is the author of this information so we must closely analyze what he is saying to get to the solution of the discord between the varying interpretations (although I am simply using the Prophet’s words directly). Let us then look to what the Prophet had to say about the Niger river and afterwards, this researcher will prove in fact by ascertaining other outside information that will undoubtedly show and prove that the river that the Prophet is speaking about in West Africa is NOT the Rio Negro in Brazil. Ch. 48 v. 8 says:

“The River Nile was dredged and made by the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt, in order to trade with the surrounding kingdoms. Also the Niger river was dredged by the great Pharaoh of Egypt in those ancient days for trade, and it extends eastward from the River Nile, westward across the great Atlantic. It was used for trade and transportation.”

Now, we must understand that the real name of the questionnaire in part is “KORAN QUESTIONS…” which means that, many of these questions in the questionnaire or the “101’s”, are based on the information in the Koran of the M.S.T. of A. The Prophet mentions the Niger by name and so we can without doubt conclude that the river in West Africa that the Prophet is speaking about in the questionnaire, is in fact the Niger river. Simple deductive reasoning. When we take a look at the World map that was constructed by Herodotus in 450 B.C., we see exactly what the Prophet means when he says that “it extends eastward from the River Nile, westward…”

Notice, according to this ancient map, the river Nile and the Niger is one just as the Prophet Noble Drew Ali said it was
During my social media debates, there are those of this group, who have obstinately stated that the Niger river (Niger means black) was never a black water river while never producing one reference to back up their claims. Is it a black water river today? This researcher admits that it is not such, however, in order to justify this researcher’s claim and the Prophet’s own words (Negro, a name given to a river in West Africa by MOORS, because it contains black water) we must look into the historical records.

To further prove that the Niger river was in fact viewed as a river that contained black water, we take you to one of many references on the subject entitled “The Romance of the Black River The Story of the C.M.S. Nigeria Mission By F. Deaville Walker: London: Church Missionary Society, 1930.”

Chapter II. The Discovery of the Great Black River

WHILE Crowther was a boy in his village home and a youth growing to manhood in Freetown, a new interest in West Africa was steadily growing in Great Britain, the interest in the great Black River, the mighty Niger. For over 2000 years that river had been veiled in mystery. So early as the fifth century B.C. Herodotus heard how five young men had journeyed westward from Egypt and for many days crossed the desert until they came to a land of fruit trees. After passing “through vast morasses,” they reached a city “and by the city there flowed a great river running from west to east“ (Euterpe, 32.) It was not until the close of the eighteenth century that real interest began to be aroused in this statement; but in 1788 a company of men of letters and science formed the “African Association” with the express object of finding the Niger. In those days geographers were of opinion that either the Gambia or the Senegal must be the mouth of the great river of ancient tradition, and that Herodotus had been misinformed as to its flowing from west to east. [added emphasis mines]

First notice that the Prophet said the Niger river extended eastward, meaning that the river had a western origin which is the exact same thing that the ancient historians said of the Niger when they said that it flowed from “west to east.” I point this out because there would be no need for the Prophet to say that a river in West Africa, extended eastward (meaning it extended from the west towards to the east) if he is not in fact speaking about the Niger river (see Herodotus’s map above) when he says the name “Negro” comes from a river named by Moors. To continue in the above reference as a testimony to this fact, we read further:

“In 1795 a young Scottish surgeon, Mungo Park, started on the great quest. The Association directed him to proceed up the Gambia, and search for the Niger in the vast regions beyond. With amazing courage and determination Park faced almost incredible difficulties. Riding on a horse, and attended only by two African servants, he plunged into the Dark Continent. Two fowling-pieces and a brace of pistols were the only weapons for the whole party. Time after time they were attacked and plundered. Chiefs, great and small, demanded “dashes,” and one rapacious fellow compelled Park to give him the very coat off his back. But the explorer’s good temper and patience never failed, not even when the bigoted Ludamar Moors made him their prisoner, spat in his face, and subjected him to every indignity they could devise.” [added emphasis mines]


So the evidence clearly shows us that the Moors of West Africa were still called such by the Europeans even in the 1700’s and that the river called by these European adventurers, that being the Niger, was to them, the “Great Black River” that undoubtedly proves that the river that Prophet Noble Drew Ali is speaking about is in fact the Niger River. When we do the etymological trace of the word Negro we note:


member of a black-skinned race of Africa,” 1550s, from Spanish or Portuguese negro “black,” from L. nigrum (nom. niger)

According to the etymology of the word Negro, it derives from the Latin word nigrum which is the nomen for niger which means black. Niger and Negro are the same exact word just pronounced different according to certain consonant and vowel shifts of the word through the progression of Latin and the languages produced by it.

We must now point out the fact that we do not see this appellation applied to our people descriptively by the Europeans until the 1550’s, and then we notice that the etymology of the word Negro traces its nominal source back to the word NIGER. This is a clear weight-of-evidence that I would love to see any brothers from the fringe offshoot Moor groups or my brethren from certain Temples who espouse the same, dispute. This then brings us to the origin of the name Negro and its relation to West Africa. All the area below the Niger River was called NEGROLAND by the Europeans. Ironic enough, Nuwaubians believe that we should be using this name as opposed to Amexem or even Africa. The term Negroland was a name given by racist Europeans and came to represent the Moors in Sub-Saharan Africa who were at the time called Negroes from the Spanish/Portuguese word “negro”, meaning “black” and being that the Moors practically invented the Spanish language by combining elements of Arabic and Latin, then we prove the Prophet’s claim to be true that the name of said river was given the name NEGRO by Moors because it once contained black water.

Proof that many elements of the Spanish language comes from the Moors on pg. iii of the introduction lower left hand side. Click here to read a very early reference.

We also find this reference among two early Moors of American literature. The first being staunch abolitionist and freedom fighter for our people named David Walker (1796 – 1830) who stated:


And Robert Benjamin Lewis, a great intellectual whose views on the usage of the word “negro” also mirrored Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s, who wrote the book “Truth and Light” in 1841, also states from this book that:


These authors, particularly the latter, is using the definitions of the dictionaries used in those days, are thus giving us the proof of what Negro is and who and what it was used for. Both of these brothers claimed that the word Negro was a name given by our people, the Moors (as Prophet Noble Drew Ali said), to things like beasts, marshes, etc. In the original Moorish American Questionnaire, the question is asked and answered:

In all reality what is Negro? A Negro is a four legged Animal.
We can plainly see that the Prophet Noble Drew Ali is using the same exact definitions given as the above and, the fact that the Prophet said that the Negro river was given its name because it contains black water, we see the correlation in the definitions given by the above two references. At what point and time did it contain black water? We can only speculate but what we can do, is simply cross reference other sources to see if this claim holds up.

“Park, unconsciously catching the descriptive language of the country in which he had been for some time, on first seeing the Gambia, or some large branch of it, rolling under the mountain on which he stood, calls it “The Black River;” and also speaks of the Plain which extends to the Falem to the ‘Black River.‘” A Dissertation on the Course and Probable Termination of the Niger (1829)By Sir Rufane Shaw Donkin, pg. 8-9 [emphasis mines]

In the reference below, we also find Senegalese and Mandigo speaking people who too referenced the Niger as the “Black River” in their native tongues respectively:

“The Arab geographers still regard it as the same as the Nile,, but to distinguish it from the Nil-as-Massr, or Egyptian Nile, they call it the Nil-as-Soudan, and also the Nil-el-Kebir, or Great Nile, the latter being regarded as the greater of the two. Mollien in his vocabulary gives Baleo, as the Poula word for Black, and in that language the Senegal is called Baleo or the Black River, while in Mandingo it is called Bafin, which has the same signification…” [emphasis mines] The life of prince Henry of Portugal surnamed the navigator and its results (1868) By Richard H. Major, pg. 192

We also find claims where all rivers are called “black rivers” as a synonym for Nile.

“The meaning of the Nile or Neil he states to imply a blue, black, or dark colour, not only in Africa but in the Hindoostanee, the Persian and Arabic langauges, where all deep rivers which assume a dark hue are called Niles. In Hindostan for instance, the term “black water” is given to the ocean; and he enumerates many rivers in the East which are called by the natives Niles. From this he concludes that Niger, or “black river,” is synonymous with Nile, and is merely a general term for all large rivers…” The Young Gentleman’s Book (1832), pg. 23

The above source also highlights Herodotus’ map because it shows that the Niger was in fact connected to the Nile in Egypt as one river and the fact that the Nile was simply a general term for a river in general, particularly one containing dark water, we add more weight to the fact that the Prophet was STRICTLY speaking to the Niger river in West Africa and NOT the Rio Negro of Brazil which these sources do not reference in context.

So we have concluded, not by my own opinions or interpretations of the information, but by taking Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s words and comparing them to each source he authored and, comparing those sources to other outside sources as to bring verity to the claim that, Noble Drew Ali, the Prophet, did in fact mean the NIGER when he spoke of the river in North Africa called Negro, a name obviously interchangeable with Niger. From this, we have shown that:

Amexem is NOT a name for the Americas in any way, shape, form or fashion and no one has ever produced any references from the Prophet himself stating such.
The river that the Prophet is speaking about is NOT the Rio Negro of Brazil which would essentially, agree with the false notion that the Americas is what the Prophet is referencing when he says “West Africa”. As a matter of a fact, when the Prophet uses the term “Northwest Amexem”, he is not speaking about the river but where the Moroccan or Moorish empire was reestablished in those days.
Men will make up stuff to make themselves appear unique or, even worst, pretend to have a greater understanding than everyone else.
They believe what has been passed down to them without researching the claims further.
My point with this particular exposition was to show that Amexem DOES NOT include the Americas by the Prophet’s own words. Some fringe “Moor” groups like to say that the Prophet only left us an empty shell and that we are supposed to fill this shell up. They do this by making up false information and say that this false information (like Amexem is also the Americas) is their attempt to fill up what they falsely believe to be an empty shell when it is clear what Prophet Noble Drew Ali meant and intended when he said AMEXEM is the original name for AFRICA.


Sheik D. Way-El

Grand Sheik & Divine Minister
Moorish Science Temple of America, Subordinate Temple Atlantis

Georgia, U.S.A.