lumpkin-insurancerich_1865shockoe-bottom32484defc1545cad69c556e9e968edb35763e7c78f165dbef8e309e8b4c20f3b#LifeInsurance The more that comes to the surface Slave Owners took insurance policies out on Afrikans and got paid for Enslaved Afrikans they lost under lost Property or Ran away , Most Insurance Companies were started on the trade of our Ancestors and Their business were sometime used as Auction Houses for The Domestic Slave Trade!

Because of the value of slaves, another lucrative business in the antebellum South was the insuring of slave property. Insurance companies offered policies which insured slave owners against the loss, injury, or death of their slaves and advertisements for such policies were ubiquitous in Richmond newspapers of the 1850s. This advertisement, for the American Life Insurance and Trust Company, provided a list of policy holders who had had “losses paid” for slave property. The first name on the list was Robert Lumpkin, who had been paid for the “loss” of four slaves. The ad did not go into detail as to whether Lumpkin’s “losses” were runaways or slaves that had died, but it’s very possible it was the latter. Many slaves died at Lumpkin’s Jail and were buried in unmarked graves . #InsuranceCompanies #LumpkinsSlaveJail