download_20161027_145444a533bfa4de91da5ab1847e6ab55bd338button_blackpantherpartygrrr-112519530_1291118070917232_820908766_nMay 19, 1925
Malcolm Little is born in Omaha, Nebraska.

November 1, 1933
Clarence Causey born in Louisiana.

June 6, 1940
James Coston aka Zayd Shakur born.

September 23, 1941
George L. Jackson born in Chicago, Illinois.

January 1943
Clifford Jefferson is sent to the State Training School for Boys at Bowie, Oklahoma for burglary, possession of a gun and assault with a deadly weapon.

December 13, 1943
W.L. Nolen born in Oakland, California.

August 16, 1944
Robert Wesley Wells a 34 year old third term inmate from Los Angeles stabs William H. Brown 35, from Sacramento in a dispute following a softball game at Folsom.

Haki Kweli Shakur – ATC-NAPLA MOI The KKinte Show BPP 50 Years


November 29, 1944
Malcolm Little is arrested in Boston, Mass after stealing a fur coat. He is sentenced to serve 3 months in jail.

March 17, 1945
Malcolm Little is arrested in Lansing, Michigan and charged with larceny. Charges were dropped the following day for undisclosed reasons.

June 1945
Clifford Jefferson is sentenced to serve a term in San Quentin for burglary and grand theft auto.

January 15, 1946
Malcolm Little is arrested in Milton, Mass and charged with breaking and entering and larceny. He receives a sentence of 8-10 years in prison.

February 1946
Clifford Jefferson attacks a correctional officer in San Quentin’s general mess hall.

January 1947
Malcolm Little is transfered to Concord Reformatory where he begins studying the muslim religion.

April 9, 1947
Robert Wesley Wells smashes Folsom prisone guard Noble Brown in the head with a cuspidor following a parole hearing, touching off a brawl.

August 29, 1947
Robert Wesley Wells receives a mandatory death sentence for striking guard Noble E. Smith following a parole hearing.

September 13, 1947
Elmer Gerard Pratt is born in Louisiana.

December 1948
Clifford Jefferson is paroled from San Quentin despite a prison record considered unfavorable.

July 30, 1949
Johnny L. Spain is born in Jackson, Mississppi.

March 1949
Clifford Jefferon’s parole is revoked.

May 1949
Clifford Jefferon pleads guilty to second degree murder in the death of his brother-in-law Lamar Hickman.

Clifford “Deathrow Jeff” Jefferson.

Haki Kweli Shakur – ATC NAPLA MOI The KKinte Show BPP 50

August 7, 1952
Malcolm Little is released from Charlestown Prison.

April 1953
James “The Jackyl” Carr is placed in the Alexander Boys Home at age 11. His crimes include robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

October 18, 1955
Clarence Causey sentenced to serve a term of 6 months to 15 years 2nd degree burglary in Los Angeles, California.

A.-George L. Jackson moves from Chicago to Los Angeles.

B.-13 year old James Carr moves from East Los Angeles to Watts where he joins Junior Terrell’s gang known as the Farmers..

January 5, 1957
George Jackson is arrested and charged with stealing a motorcycle. He is released into the custody of his father.

January 19, 1957
George Jackson is arrested in the process of burglarizing a motorcycle shop. George is sent to juvenile hall after assaulting two juvenile officers during the arrest.

Winter 1957
George Jackson is arrested while burglarizing Gold’s Department store on Central Ave with two fellow members of the Capones. The arresting officer shoots 15 year old George 6 times. He is sentenced to California Youth Authorities Paso Robles juvenile detention center.

George Jackson is released from Paso Robles and enrolls at Manuel Arts High in Los Angeles for his 11th grade year.

A.-George Jackson is arrested in Bakersfield and charged with robbing a gas station. The caper netted a mere $105.

B.-While in the Juvenile lockup, George ties up his cellmate “who is scheduled for release,” and walks free.

C.-Jackson is quickly re-arrested after another gas station robbery which nets $70.

D.-Causey is paroled July 6, 1959.

E.-Causey’s parole is revoked December 3, 1959.

February 1, 1961
A.-George Jackson enters a guilty plea on one count of armed robbery, he is sentenced to serve 1 to life in state prison. George is sent to the California men’s reception center at Chino.

A.-16 year old Thero Wheeler is sentenced to state prison on an assault and robbery charge.

February 1962
George Jackson is denied parole for the first time.

March 29, 1961
George Jackson is tranferred to the California Training Facility at Soledad.

April 30, 1962
George Jackson engages members of the Mexican Mafia and Aryan Brotherhood in the recreation room. Prison authorities ship him off to Duel Vocational Institute at Tracey where he and cellmate James Carr form the Wolfpack. The Wolfpack is active in gambling, extortion narcotics trafficking, inmate assaults and murders.


May 29, 1962
George Jackson is transferred from Soledad to San Quentin [by way of the Chino Institute for Men.] San Quentin refuses to keep him because of his youth.

May 30, 1962
George Jackson is transferred to Duel Vocational Institute for men at Tracey.

November 1962
George Jackson is given an 4-63 infraction for fighting.

B.-Jackson is deemed a management problem and is scheduled for a return to San Quetin. During his 6 months at Tracey, George collected 45 115’s “bad conduct reports,” in his file.

December 6, 1962
George Jackson is transferred from DVI to San Quentin. He receives a 5-63 infraction for fighting shortly after his transfer.

Six months after arrving in Los Angeles Ruchell Magee is convicted of robbery and kidnapping and sentenced to life in prison.

March 26, 1963
Oakland native W.D. Nolen begins serving a 5 to life sentence for robbery.

May 1963
George Jackson is denied parole.

BGF member Hugo ‘Dahariki’ Pinell pleads guilty to one count of rape and begins serving a 1 to life term. Pinell is one of the few none black members of the BGF having been born in Nicaragua

March 1964
George Jackson’s parole hearing is postponed for 6 months.

March 8, 1964
Malcolm X announces his break from the Nation of Islam.

March 12, 1964
Malcolm X announces the formation of Muslim Mosque Inc.

June 28, 1964
Malcolm X announces the formation of the Organization of Afro-American Unity [OAAU]. [OAAU] members included future members of the Republic of New Afrika, the New York Chapter of the Black Panther party and Black Liberation Army. All of the aforementioned groups are closely aligned with the Black Guerilla family.

August 31, 1964
W.D. Nolen is denied parole in his first appearance before the parole board.

September 1964
George Jackson’s parole hearing is postponed for 6 months.

February 21, 1965
Malik El Hajj Shabazz [Malcolm X] is shot to death at the Audubon Ballroom in in Harlem, New York.

March 1965
George Jackson is denied parole for another year. A second hearing is scheduled for December.

September 8, 1965
Nolen is denied parole in his second hearing.

October 29, 1965
Nolen is transfered to San Quentin.

December 1965
George Jackson is denied parole in 1965.

April 11, 1966
Nolen is placed in the adjustment center.

September 28, 1966
Nolen is denied parole.

December 1966
Eldridge Cleaver is paroled from San Quentin.

December 21, 1966
Slauson gang member Johnny Spain aka Caesar is charged with robbery and murder.

A.-17 year old Johnny Spain is sentenced to life in prison and sent to Deul Vocational Institute at Tracey, California. Spain continues his gang association staying close to Slausons leader and original Black Guerilla Family member Leroy “Hutch” Hutchinson.

B.-Thero Wheeler is paroled.

January 15, 1967
Robert Holderman a 29 year old Nazi gang associate is stabbed to death by black inmates. Warden James W.L. Park blamed “a rising hoodlum element amoung the black prisoners,” for the death.

January 21, 1967
2800 inmates clash at San Quentin guards respond with gunfire resulting in 8 prisoners being shot. Warden James W.L. Park blame the confrontation on “the activist hoodlum element, maybe some Black Muslims.”

January 22, 1967
A CDC spokesman reports the confiscation of 500 lbs., of weapons from the yard where the racial fight occured the day before.

August 4, 1967
Nolen is transfered to Folsom.

September 27, 1967
Nolen is denied parole.

December 2, 1967
Symbionese Liberation Army founder Donald DeFreeze is arrested after robbing and raping prostitute Gloria Yvonne Sanders. The SLA was affiliated with the BGF and George Jackson’s underground street organization known as the People’s Army.

A.-George Jackson is released from solitary confinement and changes the name of the Wolfpack to the Black Guerilla Family. Jackson teaches BGF members a bastardized version of karate called iron palm and begins teaching revolutionary political philosophy to his followers. BGF continues to act as a protection arm for inmates and controls some of the prisons drug trafficking, prostitution and gambling. B.-Michael Cowans is sentenced to San Quentin for the statuory rape of a 16 year old Los Angeles girl.

January 17, 1968
New York Black Panther Party members Anthony [Lumumba Shakur] Coston, Clark Edward [Sundiata Accoli] Squires and Joan Victoria Bird are arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder following a shootout in Upper Manhatten.

April 23, 1968 Former Los Angeles gang leader and BGF associate Clarence “Dopey Dan” Causey is stabbed to death by members of the Nazi prison gang the fore-runner of the Aryan Brotherhood. Termed a “troublesome Nigger,” by prison authorities Causey’s murder marked the start of racial violence which would last Five years and claim the lives of several inmates and staff.

June 1968
New York city branch of the Black Panther Party is formed. Zayd and Lumumba Shakur, Assata Shakur, Sekeou Odinga and Afeni Shakur are amoung the original members.

September 19, 1968
Nolen is denied parole.

December 1968
A.-George Jackson appears before the parole board for order him transfered to Soledad and postpone his hearing for 3 months.

January 17, 1969
Former San Quentin inmate and BGF associate Alprentice ‘Bunchy’ Carter and John Huggins [both BPP members] are shot to death at UCLA in a confrontation pitting Carter’s Los Angeles BPP chapter against Ron ‘Maulana’ Karenga’s US [United Slaves] organization.

March 1969
A.-George Jackson’s parole hearing is postponed for 3 months while board members review his behavior file.

April 12, 1969
21 members of the New York chapter of the BPP are arrested and charged with conspiracy. Many of the indicted would emerge as leaders in the Black Liberation Army a group closely aligned with the BGF.

April 28, 1969
Inmates Robert Cannady, 30, and Bufford L. Beard, 29, stab 45 year old Leonard Sheik Thompson, 45, to death under the gun tower at Folsom prison. Sheik was in the 4th year of a 5 to life sentence for an armed robbery involving the kidnapping of a police officer. Thompson routinely bucked the system including inmates aligned with the BMF.

June 1969
A.-George Jackson’s parole is denied. Review is set for June 1970.

B.-San Quentin parolee Eldridge Cleaver turns up in Algiers, Africa.

July 17, 1969
Parole hearing for W.D. Nolen tentatively set for August/September 1969.

September 24, 1969
Nolen is denied parole.

September 29, 1969
Nolen, Thomas Meneweather, Lawrence Woodward and Lane Yuseff Scranton file a hand-written plea for an injunction against Soledad Max Row, O-Wing guards whom they accused of tampering with their food and encouraging racist white and hispanic inmates to brutalize them.

W.L. Nolen

January 13, 1970
BGF members W.D. Nolen, Cleveland Edwards and Alvin “Sweet Black Jug” Miller are shot to death on the excercise yard at Soledad after a fight with members of the Aryan Brotherhood including the prison gangs leader at Soledad Billy “Buzzard” Harris.

January 16, 1970

B.-In retaliation for the death’s of Nolen, Edwards and Miller, San Quentin guard John Mills is beating and thrown from the third tier in a San Quentin cell block.

February 16, 1970
George Jackson, John Clutchette and Fleeta Drumgo are indicted for the murder of Mills. The trio is dubbed the Soledad brothers by the press.

February 25, 1970
Fred Billingslea is gassed and beaten to death in his cell at San Quentin by an extraction squad.

June 22, 1970
The Soledad Brothers Defense Committee headquarters opens in San Jose.

July 1970
James Carr is paroled from the California Men’s Colony at San Luis Obispo to Santa Cruz. Carr begins taking classes at UC Santa Cruz while organizing a training camp for members of “The People’s Army,” a wing of the BGF.

August 3, 1970
BGF member James McClain goes on trial for assaulting a guard at San Quetin.

August 7, 1970
Jonathon Jackson “George’s 17 year old brother,” attempts to free BGF members James McClain, Ruchell McGhee and William Christmas during McClain’s assault trial at the Marin County Hall of Justice. The attempt ends when San Quentin guards who claimed to have just happened upon the escape attempt in progress opened fire killing Jackson, Christmas and McClain.

August 9, 1970
George Jackson is placed in administrative segregation at San Quentin after the death of his brother at the Marin County Courthouse.

January 15, 1971
The FBI seizes a letter from a cleaner cleaining the pants of James [The Jackyl] Carr from George Jackson asking for explosives and weapons for a proposed escape attempt.

February 26, 1971
Huey Newton and Eldridge Cleaver publicly argue ending a heated exchange by expelling each other from the party. Cleaver’s support of the BLA ends their volatile relationship permanently.

March 8, 1971
BLA member Robert Web is shot to death sparking a violent episode pitting Edridge Cleaver and the BLA against Newton and the remnants of the Black Panthers.

February 9, 1971
Dhoruba bin-Wahad [Richard Moore] and Cetewayo [Michael Tabor] are expelled from the BPP by Huey Newton for their activities as members of the BLA.

April 17, 1971
In retaliation for the murder of Robert Web, Samuel Napier Distribution manager of the BP newspaper is tortured and killed in New York by members of the BLA.

April 19, 1971
BLA member Harold Russell is killed in a shootout which leaves two NYPD officers wounded on West 121st Street..

May 19, 1971
On what would have been the 46th birthday of Malik El Hajj Shabazz [Malcolm X] NYC patrolmen Nicholas Binetti and Thomas Curry are machined gunned by two suspects who get away.

May 20, 1971
Authorities arrest Patricia [Kisha Shakur] Green the pregnant wife of Richard [Dhoruba bin-Wahad] Moore in connection with the shootings of Nicholas Binetti and Thomas Curry.

June 4, 1971
Black Liberation Army leader Dhoruba Bin Wahad “aka Richard Moore,” and comrade Jamal Joseph are arrested in the process of robbing the Triple O club a notorious Harlem drug din. Wahad is charged with the attempted murders of patrolmen Binetti and Curry

August 21, 1971
George Jackson is killed in an alledged escape attempt from San Quentin’s adjustment center.

August 28, 1971
Albert [Nuh] Washington and [Anthony Bottom] are arrested in San Francisco and charged with the murders of NYPD patrolmen Waverley Jones and Joseph Piagenti at the Colonial Park housing project.

August 28, 1971
George Jackson is memorialized in a Black Panther sponsored funeral at St. Augustine Episcopal Church in Oakland.

August 29, 1971
George Jackson is laid to rest in an unmarked grave beside his younger brother Jonathan in Mount Vernon, Illinois.

September 9, 1971
In response to the murder of George Jackson at San Quentin, 1,000 black, Puerto Rican and white prisoners take over Attica Prison.

September 12, 1971
On the order of New York Govenor Nelson Rockefeller, the National Guard along with local police and prison guards put down the Attica revolt by killing 32 inmates and wounding dozens more.

December 1971
Thero Wheeler escapes from Soledad Prison. Wheeler is recaptured three days later and transfered to Folsom Penitentiary.

Thero Wheeler joins Venceremos.

January 28, 1972
NYC patrolmen Gregory P. Foster and Rocco Laurie are shot to death on Avenue B and 11th street.

February 8, 1972
New York Police Commissioner Patrick Murphy names 9 members of the BLA wanted in connection with the murders of officers Forter and Laurie. Herman Bell, Ronald Anderson, Andrew Jackson, Ronald Carter, Robert Vickers, Joanne Chesimard [Assata Shakur], Twyman [Olugbala] Myers and Cooper Paul Stewart erson are the others.

April 16, 1972
Ronald Carter a suspect named in the deaths of officers Foster and Laurie is shot to death by St. Louis police. Thomas [Blood ] McCreary and Ronald Brown are captured in the exchange.

June 4, 1972
Former UCLA professor Angela Davis is found not guilty of one count each of murder, conspiracy and kidnapping in connection with the Marin County court rebellion staged by Johnathon Jackson.

August 6, 1972
BLA soldier Robert Vickers is captured in Newark and charged with the deaths of officers Foster and Laurie.

September 1972
Thero Wheeler is transfered to the Medical Facility at Vacaville.

January 9, 1973
BLA operative Mark Essex is killed by police after he holds police at bay for 12 hours in a sniper incident which leaves 3 people dead and 12 others wounded including 10 policemen and 2 firemen.

January 22, 1973
Woodie Green and Anthony [Kimu] White are shot and killed while robbing a Brooklyn bar by NYPD detectives.

January 29, 1973
Nation of Islam national spokesman Louis Farrakhan releases a statement denying the group was responsible for the murders of seven members of the Hanafi Moslems in Washington D.C. [followers of former NOI minister and confidant of Malik El Hajj Shabazz Hamaas Abdul Khaalis].

February 15, 1973
Authorities seizes a cache of arms belonging to the BLA. Ocar Washington is arrested and charged with robbing a bank as well. Authorities anounce they are seeking Edwin Torres, Raul Estrema, Elvin Torres and David Vann all members or associates of the BLA.

March 7, 1973
Dhoruba bin-Wahad [Richard Moore]is convicted of shooting two NYPD officers.

May 2, 1973
Zayd Malik Shakur [James Coston] is killed in an ambush on the New Jersey turnpike by state troopers. Assata Shakur [Joanne Chesmard]is wounded and Sundiata Accoli [Clarke Squires] escapes.

May 11, 1973
Assata Shakur [Joanne Chesmard] and Sundiata Accoli [Clarke Squires] are indicted on charges of murder, conspriacy and weapons violations in connection with the May 2nd turnpike incident.

July 8, 1973
Andrew Jackson is captured and charged with murder and bank robbery.

August 1973
Thero Wheeler escapes from Vacaville and takes refuge in the home of Symbionese Liberation Army founder Donald DeFreeze.

November 14, 1973
Kakuyan Olugbala ‘formerly Twyman Meyers’ a feared BLA gunman is ambushed in the Bronx by FBI agents and NYC policemen.

December 1974
Michael “Pygmy” Cowans is released from San Quentin.

December 19, 1974
A violent outbreak between members of the BGF and Mexican mafia leave two inmates Truman Nichols, 29, Los Angeles and Arthur J. Harris, 26, of Sacramento dead and David Aguirre, 26, of Orange critically wounded from a blast fired by correctional officers, Perry Taylor Jr., 28, of Sacramento in guarded condition with multiple stab wounds and Gary Davis, 25, of Sacramento also critical with multiple stab wounds.

March 25, 1975
Jury selection begins for the San Quentin six trial.

May 25, 1975
Garland Berry of Los Angeles, an associate of the BGF, stabs Aryan brother Richard Terflinger 28, from El Monte, as he exercised on the third tier of the adjustment center at San Quentin. Terflinger suffered wounds to his face and upper body in the attack.

July 23, 1975
James Harold Holiday high ranking BGF member is released from San Quentin after serving 15 years on a murder charge.

November 1, 1975
In what is described as a drug rip-off, six police divisions and S.W.A.T. respond to 1451 W. 59th Street one hour after Winston Dowling and Matthew Dowling die in a 2A;M attack which leaves Anthony Smith and Jewel Singleton in serious condition suffering gunshot wounds to the head. James Harold “Doc” Holiday and Michael “Pygmy” Cowans “identified as being members and associates of the Black Guerilla Family and Symbionese Liberation Army are the prime suspects in the double homicide resulting from an alledged drug rip-off.

November 2, 1975
LAPD officials announce the capture of Holiday.

November 4, 1975
LAPD officials announce the capture of Michael Cowans and Roy Edward Levine. Levine is described as a 33 year old ex-convict associate of both Holiday and Cowans.

January 14, 1976
A federal judge rules treatment of the San Quentin six is cruel and unusual punishment. San Quentin staff are ordered to allow them regular showers and excercise, they are also ordered to cease the practice of chaining the prisoners are the neck, waist and groin unless they were being transported.

May 15, 1976
Doc Holiday is attacked in the Central Jail Law library by Aryan Brotherhood member Fred J. Mendrin., Michael Cowans is also involved. No charges filed in the attack as all involved remain silent.

August 12, 1976
On the 226th day of the San Quentin Six trial, verdicts are handed down. Defendant Hugo L.A. [Yogi] Pinell is found guilty of assaulting guards Charles Rubiaco and Charles Breckenridge yet not guilty of conspiracy.

Johnny L. Spain is found guilty in the deaths of Frank DeLeon, Jere Graham and conspiracy. He was acquitted in the deaths of Paul Krasenes, Ronald Kane and Johnny Lynn.

David Johnson was found guilty of assault and released on time served.

Willie Tate, Fleeta Drumgo and Luis Talamantaz.

April 22, 1977
Garland Berry, 29, parole violator and BGF associate was attacked and fatally stabbed at San Quentin. Berry had recently returned to San Quentin from Sacramento on robbery, car theft and escape charges. He was stabbed by members of the Aryan brotherhood as he and a group of prisoners crossed a recreation yard. The attack was in retaliation for an attack Berry had made upon Aryan Brother Richard Terflinger.

July 25, 1978
A race riot between black and white inmates erupts in the Duel Vocational Institute at Tracey.

August 1978
BGF leader Khatari Gaulden dies after treatment is refused at San Quentin for head injuries sustained during a football game.

May 28, 1979
Fay Stender a key member of the Soledad Brothers defense team is shot by an intruder. The gunman later identifed as former Folsom inmate Edward Brooks, made her write a note stating that she had betrayed George Jackson and the prison movement.

June 14, 1979
Edward Brooks a BGF member is arrested during a bank robbery, police match the bullets from the gun with slugs removed from Fay Stender. Brooks is tied to BGF member and San Quentin six member Fleeta Drumgo.

August 12, 1979
Aubrey Harris and Luellen Thomas are shot to death by Elrader [Ray Ray] Browning a Black Guerilla Family member in Los Angeles. The murder was carried out on the order of James Harold [Doc] Holiday.

November 2, 1979
The BLA launch an attack which results in the escape of Assata Shakur ‘Joanne Deborah Chesimard’ from the Clinton Correctional Institute in New Jersey where she was serving a life sentence for the murder of a New Jersey state trooper on May 2, 1973.

December 1979
Fleeta Drumgo is murdered in a gangland shooting in Los Angeles.

January 16, 1980
Edward Brooks trial begins for the attempted murder of Fay Stender. Brooks is found guilty and sentenced to 17 years in prison.

October 20, 1981
Years after authorities declared the BLA dead, authorities arrest Judy Clark, Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert [all caucasin] and charge them with the robbery of a Brinks truck which left two police officers and a Brinks guard dead. Black Liberation Army leader Mutulu Shakur [Jearl Wayne Williams] is named as the suspected mastermind of the robbery.

October 23, 1981
NYC police engage BLA members Sekou Odinga and Mytari Shabaka Sundiata in a shootout. Sundiata is killed and Odinga is taken into custody where he beaten and tourtured leaving him unable to eat solid food for 3 months.

November 5, 1981
The Black Liberation Army releases a communique claiming responsibility for the Rockland County holdup and shootout which is deemed a an expropriation led by the Revolutionary Armed Task Force (RATF). RATF was composed of Black Liberation Army leaders in conjunction with the North American Anti-Imperialists (NAAI). The NAAI also infiltrated white supremacist organizations to gain information for the BLA.

November 1982
Authorities announce they have detained several members of the BLA and its associate groups for the Rockland County Brinks holdup in October 1981. Amoung those named as having been detained in addition to Odinga, Clark, Boudin and Gilbert are, Kuwasi Balagoon, Abdul Majid, Jamal Joseph, Bilal Sunni Ali, Basheer Hameed [all BLA members], anti-imperialists Silvia Baraldini [an Italian citizen] and Marilyn Buck. Authorities also announced they were seeking the arrests of Mutulu Shakur, Nehanda Abiodun and Fulani Sunni Ali members of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika.

December 18, 1982
James W. Randale BGF member serving time for murder stabs a correctional officer in SHU unit #1 at Folsom prison.


March 19, 1985
Members of Stanley Bryant’s drug ring shoot an employee at a rock house after he is found sleeping on the job.

May, 1985
A.-Black Liberation Army leader Lumumba Abdul Shakur [Anthony Coston] is found shot to death in New Orleans. Skakur was once married to Afeni Shakur the mother of rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur.

B.-Mutulu Shakur is captured in Los Angeles two days after the murder of Lumumba Shakur.

June 8, 1985
Sgt. Hal Burchfield is stabbed to death at San Quentin. BGF members Andre C. Johnson, Jarvis Masters and Lawrence Woodward are charged.

December 7, 1986
Larry Davis surrenders after 17 days on the run.

July 1, 1987
A coalition of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies team up to arrest members of a South Central cocaine ring headed by convicted BGF member Elrader [Ray Ray] Browning.

March 10, 1988
Johnny L. Spain is released from the California Medical Facility at Vacaville on parole.

June 15, 1988
James H. [Doc] Holiday and Elrader [Ray Ray] Browning are convicted of directing a drug ring which sold drugs in Los Angeles, Oakland, Detroit and other cities around the country. During the trial prosecutors described Holiday as the defacto head of the Black Guerilla Family.

August 28, 1988
Stanley Bryant’s drug ring in an attempt to stamp out all competitors murder four people at a Lake View Terrace home used as a rock house. Amoung the victms was a two year old girl strapped into a car seat outside the home

August 29, 1988
James H. Holiday and Elrader Browning are sentenced to life in prison without parole for heading a drug ring.

October 13, 1988
A drug ring known as the family is broken up during an early morning riad. Headed by BGF member Stanley Bryant, the ring was established by Doc Holiday after his conviction along with Ray Ray Browning.

March 1990
Dhoruba bin Wahad’s [Richard Moore] conviction is overturned after a prosecution witness recants his testimony and it is publicly disclosed that the New York DA witheld key evidence from the defense. Wahad is released after serving a total of 19 years in prison 8 of which were spent in isolation.

October 1992
BGF member Micahel Cooperwood stabs Randy Alana also a member of the BGF.

November 17, 1992
Cooperwood shoots Karol Tasker because her husband suspects she may have been having an affair.

February 1995
Cooperwood is sentenced to life in prison plus 19 years.

June 1997
Former BPP Deputy minister of Defense and key BLA defense strategy planner, Geronimo ji Jaga [Elmer Pratt] is released for a California prison after 27 years.

September 20, 2003
Black Guerilla Family member Mark Anthony Jones has his sentence over turned after the 1st District Court of Appeals rules that a tape admitted at his trial was improper. Jones case is returned to Sonoma County Superior Court for resentencing.

The Dragon