This developing consciousness springs from a Revolutionary Nationalist overstanding of social development. Informed by even the most rudimentary application of dialectical materialism, one is easily drawn to the reality of New Afrika, Aztlan, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and the Indigenous People being submerged and colonized – whole nations existing under the false patina of amerikkkanism.

The greater Our overstanding of this reality, the less We are believing in, or relying on, the old obviously false social construct of “race” to define Ourselves and other oppressed people. Color, or “race” as a binary term to describe the shallow differences between humans – which has no scientific basis in reality – is not a deep enough, not sound, or reasonable enough, overstanding We can see to explain, confront and resolve Our problems. It’s been said that “the color of freedom in amerikkka is green.” This tells Us something about the false construct of “race,” no? It hints at the fact that under the rubble of “race” is bedrock. And that bedrock, that solid foundation, is economics. Is capitalism. We can’t even discuss, or We shouldn’t even discuss, “racism” without mentioning and combining it with capitalism. For capitalism built around it the social construct of “race” as a motto, a defense and a justification for prolonged activity. Capitalism is the material manifestation; “race” is the shadow, or immaterial reality of what’s casted – as a consequence of the original form. It’s not that it’s wholly unreal. We can see it. The shadow, i mean. We can even feel it, but it is but a reflection. We’ll exhaust Ourselves to the point of madness trying to combat it alone without applying destructive force to the material thing that it reflects. To be “anti-racist” is to be anti-capitalist. We become anti-racists by not using binary terms constructed to promote and sustain “race.”

“Any attempt to destroy ‘racism’ without an explicit link to the struggle against capitalism ultimately serves only to reinforce ‘racist’ ideology and to shield capitalism from attack. On the other hand, an attempt to combat capitalism without an explicit link to anti-racist discourse and struggle allows capitalism to use the belief in ‘race’ held by oppressed peoples and appeal to the ‘racism’ of citizens of the oppressive state, thus undermining all revolutionary initiative. This combat also requires that we begin to de-link ourselves from the use of language that reinforces and reproduces racial ideology, e.g. the terms ‘white’ and ‘black’ in references to the identity of peoples.”
– Comrade Owusu Yaki Yakubu, Meditations on Frantz Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth.

In Our developing consciousness, which is necessarily New Afrikan, Revolutionary and Nationalist, We are needing new tools, new language, new ideas, means and ways to re-build Ourselves into a coherent whole for movement and struggle. We are talking about cadre development. This will come about only through arduous study and struggle.

By Sanyika Shakur ATC-NAPLA