Why Did Tookie have to die?

Psychology and counseling is often about helping find the answers within a persons own thoughts and experiences rather than giving them the answers and in Tookie’s case it would seem that he spends much of his time meditating and concluding that his criminal past were caused by environment and upbringing.

We are socialised to know right from wrong by our peers and environment and if those aspects teach us that crime is acceptable or survival of the fittest is the code of humanity then you will act out that behavior. Now let us assume that a larger social setting teaches your right from wrong which is contrary to your social setting there will be conflict and you will inherit one or the other, more often the one which enables you to survive more effectively, in this case the street ethics. Now let us assume that the larger community wishes to enforce its laws upon the smaller community, it will seem that the smaller community are a bunch of criminals because the laws of the larger community has written their laws and expect the smaller community to live by them. However those laws create a weakness in a person in the smaller community which in turn will be the demise and eradication of the individual because they are living by the laws of the larger community inside the smaller community. This goes against human nature with regard to survival of the fittest and is completely unnatural.

So we can already see there is a conflict of interests between the greater good of the greater community and that of the smaller community, however we can also see that this can be avoided simply with justice and equality which perhaps is not available to the smaller community.

This blog is called StanTookie Williams, why he had to die and I called it this for a good reason. Stanley was committed to death and killed by the state after his appeal to the then governor Arnold Schwarzenegger but why?

By the time that Stan was put to death there was sufficient evidence to warrant further investigation with modern science and further evidence, to investigate his claims of racism as a part of his conviction, sufficient evidence to see that he had seen the error of his ways, plenty of evidence to his commitment to reversing the crime and gang culture that he had helped to establish, plenty of evidence to investigate systematic racism through his and the claims of others yet nothing was done, in fact rather than take any of the options to make society better, for which his crimes had sent him to prison the option to end his life was taken which ended any chance of change and social justice and improvement, but why?

What worries me at this stage is that the code of the street ethics was vengeance, revenge and serving justice aka an eye for and eye which was a criminal act, taking a life for a life is a gang culture yet here to serve justice was Stan being killed by the state for the crimes and lives of others. The government was enforcing street ethics upon criminals whose crimes were the same as that of the government, an eye for and eye, death for death, this seeming to be hypocrisy of the highest form.

Stan had to die, to send a message to other young gang members, or to serve justice, quite to opposite in fact. The true reason for the decision to finally end Stan’s life was for the very reason he stated which started the life he lived, injustice and racism within the institution itself.

Stan’s conspiracy theory and greatest fears would seem to not be pathetic ramblings of a deluded criminal pleading racism as an excuse but rather a very valid reason which would in turn end his life. Racism drove him to be a criminal and then he would be killed by racism for what he became, much like a potter creating a mug and then smashing it for not being a jug.

With the full knowledge that where Martin Luther King and Maya Angelou failed in reaching the gang members with self-love and pride Stanly could succeed, where no one would listen to the voice of reason in an appeal to you black gang members to stop the error of their ways Stan had the respect to reach them. Where Malcolm X’s religious arm failed to hold back the non-religious youth Stan’s Crip arms were able to hold back an entire generation from going down the wrong path and reduce crime over night and his commitment to do so with planned projects scared the deep-rooted racism of the system, because the very nature of racism is to dismantle the community in which you hate and despise.

Had Stanley been able to finish projects to reach black American youths for good rather than evil what a change that might have been? Young black criminals might be reduced by such large numbers that prisons would empty and black success stories would increase and for anyone threatened by African-Americans success this would be unacceptable.

There is always a case of token African-American success stories which are the one’s who got away or the one’s to appease and look good in the face of international onlookers, after all Hitler did this very well just before and at the beginning of WW2.

There  are also the cases of success stories African-Americans who promote the demise of the African-American nation through drink, drugs, sex and crime such as rappers and film stars. Yet these successes of individuals are at the sacrifice of the African America people at large who see the road to success via these vices, only to find themselves in prison or dead.

An African America who can be used to make money for white American is also an acceptable success story, so long as 90% of the success goes to the white business man.

you see, Stanley Tookie Williams had to die because he might have provoked change from the inside, an ethical rebellion if you will, rather than a criminal rebellion which he had once lead and that just simply wouldn’t be acceptable for the agenda of a racially motivated structure that although physically freeing the African from the bondage of slavery has left them to rot in ghetto’s across the United States and beyond, failing that prison aka concentration camps and eventually execution, sometimes known as gas chambers.

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