” She Been a Kween ”

She Been a Kween since the bloodline appeared in south Afrika Mzantsi, She Been a kween when we evolved into the Bantu speakers Twa Hutu Bushman, She Been a Kween when we moved up the nile Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, She been a Kween since She stopped and sprung up in punt Somali, She Been a Kween since she birthed the first civilized civilization Nilotic Kushite Ethiopia, She Been a Kween since She migrated further up the Nile and the Candaces Rosed up out the sands of Nubia Sudan, She Been a Kween since we Moved out West and Mami Wata came from Ikole orun(Heavens) and the Yoruba emerged and She Reign as Ayaba , She Been a Kween since We settled in North East Afrika 25th dynasties of Kween Hatshepsut Reigned on the World Kemet Egypt, She even been a Kween up in Phonecian land Carthage to Libyan land to Mandinka land Mali to Morocco , She Been a Kween since Humanity originated cause She is We the Original Blood lines of ” Kween ” – Written By Haki Shakur

” My Rebellion For Your Heart ”

Every thought of you when i open my mouth to utter my verbal vibrations off my tongue is a spiritual act of confessions to the one i see The Afrikan Woman my Kali i began to Assume & take a battle stance, i love the Afrikan Woman , The Protest is very deeply engraved in my subconscious Mind , like a inmate who wants to touch his other half , we spiritual beings by nature so i know love can be felt spiritually more then physically, im in Rebellion to have you , protect you, kiss you, balance your rebellious soul, care for you, Guard Your Heart and Mind, Fuck You drastically into another life of divine kinetic Creation, but most important be your listener, My Battle cry for you is Loud like our ancestors combating the Fascist system of Slavery, Today im your George Jackson you My Angela Davis this My Love Letter in fierce rebellion of Revolutionary Love to My Kali… A thousand Kisses of Blissful Resistance my Love – Haki Shakur