img_1102Suggested Living Book List for Conscious
(“Whomsoever Does Not Seek the Truth Deserves the Lie” …APIS)
1. Africa: Mother of Western Civilization -ben-Jochannan
2. The Myth of Genesis and Exodus -ben-Jochannan
3. The Need For A Black Bible-ben-Jochannan
4. Our Black Seminarians & Black Clergy Without A Black Theology-ben-Jochannan
5. Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth -John Jackson
6. Man, God & Civilization -John Jackson


7. Egypt Child of Africa -Ivan Van Sertima
8. Blacked Out Through Whitewash-Suzar
9. Black Jacobins – C. L. R. James
11. Sex and Race, VOL. I, II, III by J. A. Rogers
12. Introduction to African Civilizations -John Jackson
13. The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors-Dr. Frances Welsing
14. African Origin of Civilization- Cheikh Anta Diop
15. The Cultural Unity of Black Africa- C.A. Diop
16. Before the Mayflower- Lerone Bennett
17. The Iceman Inheritance: Prehistoric Sources of Western Man’s Racism, Sexism, and
Aggression: Michael Bradley
18. The Skin We’re In: Teaching our children to be emotionally strong, socially smart, and
spiritually connected-Janie Ward
19. Kill them before they grow: Misdiagnosis of African American boys in American classroomsMichael

The Black Bourgeoisie, The Proletariat, Class Struggle – Haki Kweli Shakur

20. The Science of Melanin: Dispelling the Myths- T. Moore
21. The Ankh: African Origin of Electromagnetism- N. Amen
22. Let the Circle Be Unbroken: African Spirituality in the Diaspora- M. Ani
23. African Presence in Early Europe-Edited by Ivan Van Sertima
24. African Presence in Early America- Ivan Van Sertima
25. Invisible Man- Ralph Ellison
26. The Miseducation of the Negro- C.G. Woodson
27. Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization- John Jackson
28. 100 Amazing Facts about the Negro- J. A. Rogers
29. Melanin: A key to Freedom: Richard King
30. Kemet Afrocentricity and Knowledge- Molefi Asante
31. Civilization and Barbarism- C.A. Diop
32. The Destruction of black civilization- Chancellor Williams
33. Beautiful, Also, are the Souls of my Black Sisters- Jeanne Noble
34. The Maroon With Us- Asa Hilliard
35. Golden Age of the Moor- Ivan Van Sertima
36. Two Thousand Seasons- Ayi Armah
37. What Color was Jesus? – William Mosley
38. Stolen Legacy –George G. M. James
39. Wonderful Ethiopians Of The Cushite Empire-Drusilla Dunjee Houston
40. The Thirteenth Tribe-Arthur Koestler
41. Anacalypsis Part 1 and 2, An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis or an Inquiry into
the Origin of Languages, Nations, and Religions-Godfrey Higgins
42. The Signs And Symbols of Primordial Man-Albert Churchward
43. Black Spark White Fire-Richard Pope
44. African Woman the Original Guardian Angel — Ishakamusa Barashango
45. African Genesis — Ishakamusa Barashango
46. “Resewt (South) – is Up” or “Why Africans Live In a World Turned Upside Down”- Akinjide B.
47. Yurugu – By Marimba Ani
48. The Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ – Gerald Massey
49. Chronology of the Bible – Yosef Ben Jochannan
50. The Worlds Sixteen Crucified Saviors – Kersey Graves
51. When God Was a Woman – Merlin Stone
52. Of the Water and the Spirit – Malidoma Patrice Some
53. KMT: In The House Of Life by Ayi Kwei Armah
54. In Praise Of Black Women – Simone Schwarz – Brat
55. The Black Seminoles – Kenneth W. Porter
56. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome – Joy Degury-Leary
57. Shadow of the Third Century – Alvin Boyd Kuhn
58. Who Is the King of Glory – Alvin Boyd Kuhn
59. Christianity Before Christ –John G. Jackson
60. The Black Male: Endangered Species – Francis Cress Welsing
61. Christianity in Afrika Before Christ – John Henry Clarke
62. Psychological Warfare from Hollywood – Leonard Jeffries
63. Master Keys to Ancient Kemet – Asa Hilliard III
64. The Beginnings of Gnostic Christianity – Gordon L. Rylands
65. The Last of the Gnostic Masters – Thomas Sawyer Spivey
66. Blood Money: The True Epic Of Christopher Columbus – Robert Strongrivers
67. African Presence In Early Asia – Rashidi, R. & Van Sertima, I.
68. The Children Of The Sun – George Wells Parker
69. Melanin: The Chemical Keys to Black Greatness (Vol. I) Carol Barnes
70. Melanin: The Organizing Molecule Berkley CA: Institute for the Study of Consciousnesses
71. God, the Bible and the Black Man’s Destiny — Ishakamusa Barashango
72. Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World – Gerald Massey
73. The Psychopathic Racial Personality: Dr. Bobby E. Wright
74. From Afrikan Captives to Insane Slaves: The Need for Afrikan History in Solving
The “Black” Mental Health Crisis in “America” and the World – ben-Jochannan
75. Echoes of the Old Darkland – Charles S Finch
76. First Word: Black Scholars, Teachers, Thinkers, Warriors,
Knowledge; Wisdom, Mental Liberation – Kwaku Person-Lynn
77. Egypt Revisited – Ivan Van Sertima
78. Gerald Massey’s Lectures – Gerald Massey
79. The Wretched of the Earth – Frantz Fanon
80. The Real Facts About Ethiopia – J. A. Rogers
81. Shades of Memnon: Book I, II, and III – Brother G
82. Spiritual Warriors are Healers – Mfundishi Jhutyms Ka N Heru El-Salim
83. Kupigana Ngumi – Shaha Mfundishi Maasi & Mfundishi J. H. Hassan K. Salim
84. Blueprint for Black Power: A Moral, Political, and Economic Imperative for the Twenty-First
Century – Amos Wilson
85. The Choice – Sam Yette
86. There is A River – Vincent Harding
87. The condition, Elevation, Emigration and Destiny of the Colored People of the United States of
America – Martin Delany
88. The Irritated Genie – Jacob Carruthers
89. Black Women in Antiquity – Ivan Van Sertima
90. Divine Speech- Jacob Carruthers
91. Decolonizing the African Mind – Chinwqizu
92. Afrikan-Centered Consciousness versus the New World Order. Garveyism in the Age of
Globalism – Amos N. Wilson
93. The Falsification of African Consciousness – Amos N. Wilson
94. The Husia – Maulana Karenga
95. Black-On-Black violence The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in Service of
White Domination – Amos Wilson
96. Black Women for Beginners – S. Pearl Sharp
97. Metu Neter Vol. 1: the Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual
Cultivation – RA UN NEFER AMEN
98. Metu Neter Vol. 2. Anuk Ausar, the Kamitic Initiation System – RA UN NEFER AMEN
99. Metu Neter Vol. 3. the key to miracles – RA UN NEFER AMEN
100.Metu Neter Vol. 4. the Initiate’s Daily Meditation Guide (Volume 4) – RA UN NEFER
101. Ma’at the 11 laws of God – RA UN NEFER AMEN
102. We Ain’t No Niggers – N. Quamere Cincere
103. Nuricide – Llaila Afrika
104. An Afrocentric Guide To A Spiritual Union – RA UN NEFER AMEN
105. The Word Negro—Its Origin and Evil Use – Richard B. M