img_1119New Afrikan Martyrs Two Black Raiders of John Brown’s Liberation Army Were Executed For their parts in the raid after being charged for treason against Virginia to smash and end the capitalist system of slavery! , Shields Green and John A. Copeland were hanged on December 16, 1859, in Charles Town, West Virginia (then part of Virginia!

John Copeland Jr On his way to the gallows he reportedly said, “If I am dying for freedom, I could not die for a better cause. I had rather die than be a slave

Copeland also wrote to his family to make meaning from his sacrifice. Six days before his execution:

Why should you sorrow? Why should your hearts be racked with grief? Have I not everything to gain and nothing to lose by the change? I fully believe that not only myself but also all three of my poor comrades who are to ascend the same scaffold- (a scaffold already made sacred to the cause of freedom, by the death of that great champion of human freedom, Capt. JOHN BROWN) we are prepared to meet our God – John Copeland Jr

Shields Green was born into slavery in South Carolina, where he was called Emperor. He escaped as a young man from Charleston, South Carolina, and made his way north to freedom in Rochester, New York.

Green first met John Brown at the house of the abolitionist Frederick Douglass[3] in Rochester. Later Green accompanied Douglass to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, to meet Brown for discussions about his plans.[4] Green and Douglass met with Brown and John Henry Kagi at an abandoned stone quarry near Chambersburg. Douglass left after disagreeing with Brown on planning an armed attack on a Federal arsenal, but Green stayed to join the raiders.

Years later Douglass described Green in his memoir:

“Shields Green was not one to shrink from hardships or dangers. He was a man of few words, and his speech was singularly broken; but his courage and self-respect made him quite a dignified character.

In September 1859 Copeland was recruited to John Brown’s armed group by his uncle and fellow raider, Lewis Sheridan Leary. Brown led twenty-one followers, sixteen white and five black men, and captured the armory guards of Harpers Ferry, then part of Virginia, where they took control of the Federal arsenal. The raiders were soon pinned down byVirginia militiamen until U.S. marines led by Robert E. Lee arrived to apprehend them. Copeland’s role in the Harpers Ferry assault was to seize control of Hall’s Rifle Works, along with John Henry Kagi, a white raider. Kagi and several others were killed while trying to escape from the Rifle Works by swimming across the Shenandoah River. Copeland was captured alive, taken in the middle of the river.

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