img_0802img_1361Revolutionary greetings Kunta Kinte The Conscious Comedian With Guest Haki Kweli Shakur Discussing Why New Afrikan/Black People Shouldn’t Indoctrinate Their Kids with Fiction Story of Santa Claus When You Go To Work Everyday Struggling to Provide for Your Family and Also History on The Pagan Holiday new afrikan people need to stop mind washing your kids with european holidays and santa clause honesty is the best dish served … rebuild … click the link To The Broadcast

Origins of european holidays (SinterKlaas & Zwarte Piet christmas).. Another origin of xmas which i must elaborate has nothing to do wit a khrist is a festival/rituals/celebrations that Europeans created: this Holland in europe Santa Doesn’t Have Elves. He Has Slaves… Holland, Santa, or “Sinterklaas,” as he’s known to the Dutch, doesn’t have reindeer; he has a little helper named Zwarte Piet, literally Black Pete, who charms children with pepernoten cookies and a kooky demeanor while horrifying foreign visitors with his resemblance to Little Black Sambo. Each year, on Dec. 5, the morning before the feast of St. Nicholas, children all over the country wake up excited for gifts and candy while thousands of adults go to their mirrors to apply brown paint and red lips. In their Zwarte Piet costumes, they fill central Amsterdam and small village streets, ushering in the arrival of Sinterklaas who, in the Dutch tradition, rides a flying white horse..

As the history of Zwarte Piet makes clear, that chimney-soot explanation doesn’t wash. Zwarte Piet—or his immediate ancestor, anyway—was introduced in 1845 in the story “Saint Nicholas and his Servant,” written by an Amsterdam schoolteacher named Jan Schenkman. In the story, Sinterklaas comes from Spain by steamship bringing with him a black helper of African origin. The book was wildly popular and with it began the inclusion of Santa’s helper in Dutch Christmas festivities. (It wasn’t until later in the century that he was given the name Piet.)

At the time, the Dutch empire spread across three continents and included the colonies of Suriname and Indonesia. The Dutch were deeply involved in the slave trade, both transporting African slaves to be sold and using slave labor to work coffee and sugar plantations in their colonies. Minstrel shows were a popular form of entertainment.

Nowadays, Sinterklaas comes to Holland by steamship in mid-November of each year. He is played by a nationally beloved actor, and his arrival is a live televised event that kicks off the holiday season much like the Macy’s Day Parade in the United States. The city bestowed the honor of hosting Sinterklaas’ arrival changes each year.

Extra Video on The Breakdown of European Holidays the biggest weapon of Capitalism is New Afrikan Consumerism

European Holidays Are Capitalist Biggest Strategy to Fund Your Own Oppression – Haki Kweli Shakur  ATC NAPLA NAIM MOI 12-17-52ADM