img_1661img_1658img_1660img_0053In January 3 1624, the first African birth was recorded. William X falsely called William Tucker the first Black child From Africa born (recorded) in the American colonies and Hampton Virginia!
Two of the first Africans to be brought to North America in 1619 were simply called Anthony and Isabella they were married and in 1624 gave birth to the first Black child born in English America naming him William Tucker in honor of a Virginia Planter. After 1619, all Africans brought into the colonies were sold as slaves.

Our New Afrikan Origins By Comrad Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa (Current Political Prisoner)
Since the arrival of our ancestors Isabell X, Antonio X and 18 other Afrikan women and men onto the shores of Amerikkka in our Black August of 1619 in Jamestown, Virginia, during the Amerikkkan era of chattel slavery, our slave descendants of the Afrikan human race, consisting of different tribes and countries throughout the continent of Afrika, such as the Zulu, Yoruba, Camaroon, Mandingo and Ashanti, and Caribbeans from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti etc., just to name a few areas in which people of color were equally enslaved in North Amerikkka, coalesced to form a New Afrikan ethnic group of people here in the 13 colonies of Great Britain – later titled the United States in 1776.
As our New Afrikan Nation (NAN) fought against chattel slavery, women folks were being raped by their captors – British, Caucasian, White, European, etc. – during the years of 1619 to 1630 and throughout chattel slavery up to June 19, 1865. We have never forgotten!
We (NAN) realized that the child of that vicious rape produced a beautiful new member to our NAN. Even though said child had that dirty rapist’s blood flowing through his veins, that child was born to our New Afrikan Nation and we welcomed him! We realize that there was a genuine relationship between New Afrikan and White people during the late 19th and 20th centuries.We as the New Afrikans have created a new social order, politically, economically, culturally and militarily (i.e., security to protect our NAN) by all means necessary to our survival.We as New Afrikans have been identified by others as the N-word, Negro, Colored, Afro-American, Black, African-American, when we have always been a nation of New Afrikan people. Unlike any other ethnic group in the U.S., we have been named various ethnic classifications over the past 363 years of our New Afrikan existence. We New Afrikans must now put to rest this miseducation of our ethnic classifications. We are a New Afrikan Nation (NAN) within the borders of the United States.

“Knowing the tradition of our ancestors, a few New Afrikan people, notwithstanding the consequences, call themselves as they see fit and are not defined as others would have us (NAN) to be.” – Our New Afrikan Revolutionary Voice.


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