img_2375img_2376img_1737 img_1738 img_1739Here is the breakdown, according to an analysis by Pew Research. The number represents the highest murder rate during the time the city held the title of so-called “Murder Capital Of The United States.”

1985-1987: Detroit, 58.2 murders per 100,000 residents

1988-1992: Washington, D.C. 71.9

1993-1995: New Orleans 85.8

1996: Washington, D.C.

1997: Richmond, Va.

1998-1999: Washington, D.C.

2000-2004: New Orleans, 42.1

2005: Birmingham, Ala 44.3

2006: Detroit

2007-2009: New Orleans, 94.7 (2007, the highest rate during the years studied)

2010: Flint, Mich.

2011: New Orleans

2012: Flint, Mich. 62

That’s six cities that have swapped with each other for worst murder rates in the past 27 years. Two cities, New Orleans and Washington have had the worst murder problem for 19 of those 27 years.

New Orleans has ranked No. 1 for 11 of those years.

Washington D.C. for 8 eight.

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