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Heshima and Abdul are two dedicated Human Rights Activists who have survived years (decades) of isolation in the California “SHU.” They kept their spirits active by writing articles (using penfills), reaching out, organizing protests, creating programs meant to establish vibrant communities that can look after their own, stopping the pipeline from poverty to prison. Heshima and Abdul, and other activists inside are now allowed to use electronic typewriters with which they can type letters, articles, flyers, etc. Abdul’s first typewriter was broken when guards dropped it. We will use your donation to purchase 2 typewriters via an approved vendor, plus supplies like paper, ribbon, correction tape, for a year.

Your donation will be of great help to the progressive organizers of positive change for people who are vulnerable to being incarcerated because of their race or their lack of opportunities due to being born and raised in poverty. Heshima and Abdul have proven themselves to be unselfish fighters for the good cause. You can learn more about their work by reading their articles on the SF Bayview website or going to websites that were established by outside support, with their imput, such as, or the Concrete and Steel Center of Excellence (


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