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In Haitian Vodou Ogun is known as Ogou, and consists of an array of manifestations; most carry the aspect of iron smithing and tools from the Yoruba tradition. The Ogou guard the badji, the sacred altar of the Vodou temple. He carries an iron saber and wears a red sash. Ogou is also the god of pioneering, intelligence, justice, medicine, and political power; these are associated with the symbol of the tool that can “advance humans’ mastery over the environment.[9] Ogou Feray is the god of war. Other manifestations of Ogou are Ogou Badagri, Ogou Balenjo, Ogou Batala, and Ogou Je Wouj. Ezili Freda Daome is the female counterpart to Ogou.

Ogu Haitian vodou god of fire, iron, politics, thunder and war. Ogu/Ogou Feray is syncretized with St. James the Greater (St. Jacques Majeur) in the Vodou tradition. He is a warrior spirit and protects the Vodou community; he guides Vodou followers against their enemies. He is symbolically covered in iron and may not be harmed by his enemies. As in Africa, his symbol is a piece of iron, a machete, or a knife. As in Africa, Ogou is revered among blacksmiths, many of whom are of Yoruba origin. He is also noted to like women and alcohol.

In Vodou ceremonies followers of Ogou wear a red shirt, pants, and scarf. A followers of Ogou in a possession-trance is offered Haitian white rum during the ceremony. In some ceremonies rum is burned in a container to allow Ogou to “wash” the hands of the followers.

Two Vodou songs to Ogou, as recorded and translated by Michel S. Laguerre:

Fè Ogou Fè, Ogou Fèray o,

Fè Ogou Fè, Ogou Fèray o
I am an iron,

I am covered with iron.
Fèrè Fèray tout ko Fèray sé kouto,

Fèrè Fèray tout ko Fèray sé manchèt.

The body of Ogou Fèray is covered with knives,

The body of Fèray is covered with machetes.



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