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” We in the NAIM are not Marxists, Leninists nor Maoists. We are not because we overstand first and foremost that Marx wasn’t a Marxist. Lenin wasn’t a Leninist and Mao wasn’t a Maoist. These stalwarts were Communists – and to be precise, they were practitioners of Scientific Socialism. Which of course means that each had to apply the science of socialism to fit accordingly with their particular socio-cultural reality, i.e. Mao could not scientifically fit Russian Communism into a Chinese frame, as it was fitted for the user by the Bolsheviks. Consequently, We overstand that We cannot adopt a Chinese Scientific Socialist framework to fit our unique socio-cultural reality here. Nevertheless, We are without question New Afrikan Communists who adhere to Scientific Socialism as a means of ordering our National Liberation. We are aware of the grassroots spirit of resistance that was inculcated in the Black Liberation Movement of the 1960s and 70s. Tho We recognize this spirit of resistance as having its seeds in the Spirit of Resistance on the continent at the point of hostile contact with invading forces.
We follow this resistance in fact thru the captive rebellions on the high seas, in old colonial amerika, to the Garvey Movement, Nation of Islam, and subsequently culminating in the Black Liberation Movement – of which the Black Panther Party for Self Defense was but one organization among many. We in the NAIM, however, recognize the highest form of our National Consciousness being crystallized in the Armed Forces of the Black Liberation Army – some of whom came from the Black Panther Party and some from other formations: We do nonetheless, recognize the total spirit of the high tide of consciousness being in the years of 68-72. Dialectically, tho, with a necessary materialist worldview, We see this spirit as having its origins at the critical flashpoint of invasion. ”

Haki Kweli Shakur ATC-NAPLA 3-2-52ADM NAIM NSP



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