✊🏾New Afrikan Edwin P McCabe ( Black Seperatist The Struggle iz For Land ) Transition on This Day in 1920!

Edwin P. McCabe had hoped to establish the state as an all black refuge from the brutality experienced in the South, however, the evil thought to be left behind had re-surfaced in the new territory. White citizens went to Washington to lobby against “black statehood.” One member of the group commenting, “We will not tolerate Negro government here. If McCabe is appointed governor, I would not give five cents for his life.” The proliferation and success of black towns throughout the state infuriated white opposition and where legal schemes and politics failed, more drastic means of intimidation were enlisted.

Langston Oklahoma – McCabe and his wife, Sarah, founded Langston City, an all-black community. It was named after John Mercer Langston, a black Virginia congressman who favored migration to Oklahoma and had pledged support for a black college in the town.
The McCabes, who owned most of the town lots, immediately began to advertise for purchasers through the Herald’s network of readers in Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Tennessee. By 1891, two hundred people lived in Langston City, including a doctor, a minister, and a schoolteacher.For many African Americans, Oklahoma Territory represented the possibility of creating towns and colonies where black people would be free to exercise their political rights without interference. Edwin P. McCabe, who as State Auditor had been the most powerful black man in Kansas, arrived in Oklahoma in 1890. Through his newspaper, the Langston City Herald, McCabe declared the Territory the “paradise of Eden and the garden of the Gods.” To African Americans growing restless under Southern segregation and lynch law, he added a special enticement: “Here the negro can rest from mob law, here he can be secure from every ill of the southern policies.”

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