👳🏾‍♀️🙇🏾🔭📿🔮 Dr Ben Mentions Voodoo – Now, lets take a quick look at Voodoo to see what Thales and other early Greek philosophers studied and learned from African priests. First of all, primary researcher, scholar and elder Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan said that Voodoo has nothing to do with witchcraft. In his book, African Origins of Western Religion, Dr. Ben writes that “vodoo, vaudou, or vaudoux comes from the Dahomey in West Africa where it means genius, or protective spirits.”

Milo Rigaud writes in his book, “Secrets of Voodoo,” that “vo means introspection” and “du means into the unknown (into the mystery).”

What that all means is that Voodoo is creative force: it is a belief system joined in unison with religion. They are compiled together…always to be learned together to take advantage of the creative force. When we learn about that force we get math, science, arts, etc. The math, science, and arts are the outward expression of who we are inside. The Africans had mastered religion. And religion was the explanation of science. We didn’t separate religion from science. Europeans separated the two.

When we take an inward look into self we start to unravel life, which is the mystery. When we start to unravel that mystery we become a genius. So, Voodoo literally means that whenever you take an inward look at self, you become a genius. When the Africans of Kemet mastered Voodoo they built great pyramids, great temples, great universities and great shrines to their ancestors. That is why Thales encouraged his students to “Know Thyself.”

Therefore when you study self and grow to know yourself, you will build great civilizations based off of math, science and agriculture. It is already inside of you. It does not come out of the air. Knowing self does not come from spookism; it comes from hard work. Unraveling that mystery makes you a genius.

If you’re still wondering which god or gods this real black atheist believes in… understand that I don’t believe in a god. I study to know god. They are what our ancestors called MuKulu.

MuKulu is an African word and is the oldest etymology of the word god. MuKulu is intended to represent distance, the highest or height as in the sky or high achievement that comes along with age.

MuKulu is also intended to represent water which is linked to the sky in the form of rain that brings sustenance and prosperity to the community. (8)

When I use the word god, what I’m really expressing is MuKulu so that it speaks of someone who invested his or her time in building up and providing for the community. MuKulu is what our ancestors invented. It was their god concept.

The secondary meaning for MuKulu was a wise old elder, a great king or great queen or it was an ancestor. A child could not be MuKulu, because the word expresses distance or age. Those ancient Africans, our ancestors, said MuKulu before there was colonialism; before there were Greeks; before there were Persians; and before the Romans knew god as a wise old elder or as the oldest representative in their country.

This is how the original African people who invented the word god and its concept intended for them to represented. Not surprisingly, the oldest representations of god in art form are African and women. Our beloved women were at the center of the African culture because she gave birth to the community (children, science, writing, math, art, etc.) and to the workforce. Let’s take a look at some of the earliest depictions of African MuKulu – Brother Ankh VOODOO IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT! #Divination #Kemet #Benin #WestAfrica #WestAfricanAncestry #Science #Nature #Universe #Elements #Priest #Priesthood

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Haki Kweli Shakur ATCO-NAPLA NAIM