Virginia Native Booker T Washington Speaks on New Afrikan Origins at Norfolk Virginia Jamestown Ter Centennial Exposition 1907 April to November ( Image of Booker T Washington at TCE ) He States:

” There are special reasons why we [the Negro people] should have a part in the Jamestown Exposition. It was near this spot, nearly three hundred years ago, that the first representatives of our race were brought into America. It is especially fitting, therefore, that since here we entered slavery that on the same spot we should show results both in slavery and in freedom. When our first representatives landed here, we were only 20 in number, now there are nearly ten million; when our first representatives landed here we had no uniform language, now we speak the English tongue. ” – Booker T Washington

1907, Booker T. Washington gave a keynote address at the Jamestown Ter-Centennial Exposition in Norfolk, using his remarks to praise the fair’s exhibit on African Americans. His speech is included in volume 9 of the Booker T. Washington Papers, published by the University of Illinois Press…