1. ” People have to learn to struggle with each other without thinking that disagreements constitute a personal Attack The interactions among people are very complex. In order to maintain unity principles have to govern Anything Else leads to chaos and Confusion ” – Nuh Abdul Qayyum ( Nuh Washington )


energy unleashed touching those in its path energizing a generation to mobilize and organize themselves against war, poverty and racism taking it to the streets. Albert “Nuh” Washington, “Energy”



“I am a prisoner of war as well as a political prisoner because of the historical and contemporary acts of war carried out against Blacks/New Afrikan people inside and outside these United States by the government and those who believe in white supremacy.” – Nuh Washington

Long Live Nuh Washington!

Nuh died in prison on April 28, 2000, from cancer. Nuh fought a courageous battle with this disease. He was determined as a New Afrikan political prisoner that the effects of this disease on him coupled with racist repression would not compromise his beliefs, values, integrity, self-respect, or humanity. Nuh was a freedom loving, freedom-fighter who understood death. He wrote many poems, one about death titled ” LIVE ” Nuh writes:

” Clouds hide the sun, Still the sun rises, Rain falls on the just and unjust, Without thought, Death is a natural process Why fear it? Life is to be live So deny yourself not! For the clouds only temporarily hides the sun ” !!!! – Nuh Washington

Nuh was exposed to international politics early in life through meeting some immigrants from Africa who rented rooms from his grandmother. He, along with some friends, wanted to join the struggle to liberate Africa. He was fourteen at the time.

In 1969, Nuh joined the Denver Colorado Chapter of the Black Panther Party (BPP), working with the Free Breakfast Program. By 1971, the year of the “split” in the Black Panther Party, Nuh was working out of the San Francisco Branch of the Party. During this time he, along with many other San Francisco Party members, went underground as soldiers of the Black Liberation Army (BLA) and formed a network of underground cells.

Nuh now an esteemed Ancestor was a teacher, mentor, friend, loyal comrade, leader, spiritual advisor, father figure, and much more. His life and death leaves a rich legacy to be learned from, remembered, cherished, and honored. #NewAfrikanPows #NewAfrikanPoliticalPrisoners #BLA #BPP #RNA #SF8 #NY3