Kelly speaking at the park Richmond Communist Party rally in Bryan Park on May Day 1936. Richmond Times Dispatch reported the crowd was 90% black. Mayor Bright only allowed them to speak at this particular park because it was “remotely situated” and “at a great distance from thickly populated areas.” They carried banners saying “Unite in the struggle against lynch murder, terrorism and discrimination against Negroes ”

What is May Day? Socialist/Socialism United Workers The Proletariat Revolution

May Days became focal points for the international revolutionary proletariat. To the original demand for the 8-hour day were added other significant slogans on which the workers were called upon to concentrate during their May Day strikes and demonstrations. These included: International Working Class Solidarity; Universal Suffrage; War Against War; Against Colonial Oppression; the Right to the Streets; Freeing of Political Prisoners; the Right to Political and Economic Organization of the Working Class!

Claude McKay Speaks on Richmond American Workers Party / Communist Party 1922

” And I would like to inform the American comrades there is a local branch of the American Worker’s Party in the South, in Richmond, in the state of Virginia, which is illegal-illegal because it has coloured order to get around the Virginia laws, the black and white comrades have to have separate meetings and come together only once a month behind closed doors.” -Claude McKay addressing the Fourth Congress of the Communist International 1922.


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