June 25-26 1863 The Richmond Sentinel In Lynchburg Virginia Five Enslaved Afrikans Were Hanged For Murdering Their Master General Dillard ( Black Women Inflict Fatal Blows )

“Brutal Murder – Gen. Terisha W. Dillard, of Amherst Co., was brutally murdered by some of his servants, on Saturday last. We learn that he was superintending some work he was having done on an Island in the James river, near his residence, in which six hands were employed – four women and two men – when the fiendish purpose of his murder was executed. He was caught and held by the men, and the women inflicted the fatal blows. – His body, we are informed, was horribly cut and managled, presenting a shocking spectacle of mutilation. After the diabolic deed had been performed, the remains were covered up in the sand – but soon two of the women made confession of the crime, and with the two men, were arrested. – The others are yet at large. Gen. Dillard was a gentleman of high standing, and much esteemed. At one time he was a director of one of the banks of this city.” May 13th 1863 The Virginian Newspaper