Tip that Wata over for #Angolan Gullah Jack (died July 12, 1822), also known as Couter Jack and sometimes referred to as “Gullah” Jack Pritchard, was a African conjurer, and a slave to Paul Pritchard in Charleston, South Carolina.Gullah Jack was a “conjurer” who kept alive African religious traditions, while other leaders were deacons in the black church. Undoubtedly these slaves had through their work gained a great sense of independence and more education than most common laborers.

He was Co-Conspirator/Leader in Denmark Vesey Slave Rebellion Conspiracy , The African background of many of the participants and leaders forms another significant feature of the Vesey Plot, Moreover, several of the leaders, including Monday Gell, and Ebo, Gullah Jack, an Angolan, and Mingo Harth, a Mandingo, hailed from Africa, while Vesey himself had allegedly been born there.

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Gullah Jack Keeper of Afrikan Spirituality / Obeah Priesthood

Gullah Jack aka Obeah Priest & Freedom Fighter Up until the day Denmark Vesey was hanged attempted to Free Denmark Vesey , He tried to ignite the Districts Angolan & Igbo Slaves through spiritual rituals to arm themselves to attempt the desperate rescue of Denmark Vesey to continue the mission Using his Africa-based influences, Gullah Jack was crucial in recruiting African-born slaves as soldiers and provided them with charms as protection against the “buckra” (whites). He is also said to have used his spiritual powers to terrify others into keeping silent about the conspiracy. Historians believe Jack’s strong African culture, contrasted against Vesey’s preaching, helped attract many of the slaves that joined the revolt. Eventually, the Vesey plot was leaked by other slaves that were coerced to confession. Gullah Jack was arrested for his part in the plot on July 5, 1822 and was tried for his role in the planning, along with 130 others. Ultimately ,South Carolina authorities hanged Vesey, Gullah Jack, and 34 other leading conspirators.