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We want to bring Anthony Jalil Bottom back to his family and community. Mr. Bottom has been in prison since 1971, possibly for a crime he did not commit. Despite the fact that Mr. Bottom has an exemplary record, has mentored youth both inside and outside, has earned two degrees and written two books, he has been turned down for parole nine times. In June 2018, Mr. Bottom will be facing the Parole Board for the tenth time. It is way past time for Mr. Bottom to come home, as he should have been released in 2002, having served his full twenty-five year minimum. It will take the power of the people to free Mr. Bottom, as the PBA and the FOP are constantly waging a campaign for his continued imprisonment. You can find out more about Jalil Muntaqim (Anthony Bottom) on his website:

Please Watch This Interview Below With Jalil Muntaqim And Dr Muhammad

Haki Kweli Shakur ATC NAPLA NAIM MOI 1-24-52 ADM