1. Expropriation of all land in the Black Belt south without compensation for nationalization for the people of the Republic of New Afrika.

2. Nationalization of all mines, natural resources, and other strategic sectors of the economy of the Black Belt south without compensation for the people of the Republic of New Afrika.

3. Formation of outer-departments: authorization of expropriation and compensation of land and means of production as reparations for the continuation of 19th, 20th, and 21st century slavery. (Liberated Zones.)

4. Development of state and governmental authority and capacity both centralized and decentralized.

5. Authorization for free, quality: education, healthcare, housing, including land distribution, wealth re-disribution, and public ownership of the principle means of production in all liberated zones.

6. Massive, protected industrial development and formation of international relations to create millions of sustainable jobs to offset the reserve army of labor created by the Yankee ruling class.

7. Immediate abolition of all forms of slavery, including “state” slavery as authorized by the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution.

8. Return of the right and ownership of their labor to the “prison-slave” and granting the right to exchange their labor publicly or privately for the living or fair market wage.

9. Demand of the right to Self-Government, Truth, Justice, and Reparations.

10. Authorization of citizenship, under the Code of Umoja, not based on race, sex or orientation, but on “conciousness” and/ or any person pledging allegiance to the Republic of New Afrika.

11. Cooperation with all Native Peoples in all areas of land, wealth, and natural resources.