A plan to rebel was discovered early in 1709 in Surry James City, and Isle of Wight Counties, Virginia, involving Indian and Black slaves. A special court of investigation was appointed by the Governor. On March 24th the court returned with the following results: “ye [the] Examination of Sevll [several] Negroes and Indian slaves concerned in a Late Dangerous Conspiracy, formed and carried on by great[e] numbers of ye said negroes and Indian slaves for making their Escape by force from ye Service of their masters, and for ye [the] Destroying and cutting off such of her Majesties Subjects as Should oppose their Design.” Most were punished and released, but the ringleaders, including William Edwards’s Scipio, Joseph Hohn Jackman’s Salvadore, and Tom Shaw, who belonged to Samuel Thompson, were held over for further orders. Peter who also belonged to Samuel Thompson, remained at large, outlawed, and he and Scipio were the initial conspirators, while Salvadore “has been a great promoter and Incourager in persuading of ‘em to ye probability of Effecting their designe and in promising of ‘em his Assistance therein.” Their fate is not recorded. [Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series 1710-June 1711 p. 238; Also see Herbert Aptheker, Negro Slave Revolts in the United States p.18]


“The Conspiracy of The Negro’s in Surry County and Their Accomplices for Levying War in This her Majesty’s Colony was for happily Discovered when it was just upon the point of Execution That we Think it for The public Good of The Country to Recommend to You The Rewarding So Signal a Service. The person who gave The first information of The Negro’s Designs and Continued from time to time to Make Known Their Consultations, was one Will a Negro Belonging to Robert Ruffin of Surry County: and Tho[ugh] at his Earnest Desire his Discovery was as Carefully Concealed as Could be, yet in a short Time he Became for such Suspected That Several Negro’s Laid Wait for his Life, for That his Master Desiring he Might be Removed to a place of More Safety were accordingly Caused him to be Conveyed into The Northern Neck where he has Been and is Still Entertained and Since his Master has Lost The Benefit of his Labour and That we have Engaged he shall be paid, we not only propose That he may be Satisfyed for The fame; but That The Negro may have such a Reward for The Service he has Done, As may Encourage others to The Like fidelity if Ever any Such Occasion should again happen.” [McIlwaine, H. R. ed., Journal of the House of Burgesses of Virginia 1659/60-1693. Richmond, Virginia].

Haki Kweli Shakur August Third Collective NAPLA NAIM 3-29-52ADM

Virginia The Land of The Rebellion – Haki Shakur