Support Comrade Lokmar: The Long Distance New Afrikan Revolutionary

a support call for Comrade Lokmar by Brother Khalfani Malik Khaldun

In 1987, I met Lincoln Love aka Comrade Lokmar Abdul-Wadood while being housed/segregated at Westville Correctional Center (WCC), a disciplinary unit. He was in segregation in association with the 1985 Revolutionary Resistance that occurred at the Indiana Reformatory aka Pendleton Correctional Facility. Labeled a riot/takeover by IDOC Prisoncrats, this event was a response to prison officers beating Lokmar, causing extensive head/face injuries. Leaving him bleeding and nearly dead.

Word of this beating reached Pendleton’s General Population and several of Lokmar’s comrades took action in an attempt to save his life. This is an event hated by the Prisoncrats all across this state. He and his comrades spent decades in Solitary Confinement. For nearly 40 plus years, Lokmar has been an advocate/staunch proactive Revolutionary inside Indiana’s Plantations. He’s been a teacher, educator, jailhouse lawyer, and civil litigator for years. Respected by everybody, he is an elder statesman who I can personally attest to being a giant humbly living in the shadows.

In 1987, when I met him at Westville, he had at least 500 books in his cell. In the past year, he has had 2 strokes, and although he still has at least 1 family member alive in his corner, he really needs your support out there. Please write to him and assist this deserving brother in whatever way you can.

You may reach him at:

Lincoln “Lokmar Wadood” Love #5268
1000 Van Nuys Road
P.O. Box E
New Castle, IN 47362

We need to ensure that he is getting the proper medical treatment he needs at this time. Thank you. In solidarity.

Support Call for Comrade Lokmar from Aaron Isby-Israel

Lokmar Yazid Abdul-Wadood aka Lincoln Love had a second stroke at the New Castle Correctional Facility in New Castle, Indiana, and was taken to an outside hospital on 04/22/2019.

Brother Lokmar has been held captive in the Indiana prison system since 1973, for a wrongful murder conviction from East Chicago, Indiana, where he was born and raised. Brother Lokmar has been serving two life sentences. For more than forty years Lokmar has practiced the Islamic faith as a sunni muslim and has been a devoted brother in the New African revolutionary struggle. I have known brother Lokmar for about 26 years and this brother has a lot of love for black people and has always helped all Prisoners no matter what their race is. Lokmar has also been a freedom fighter and tenacious Litigator in the courts in Indiana (Federal/State), helping many prisoners gain their release from Prison. Lokmar was born in 1952, during the emerging civil rights movement. He is a good brother and Human being and he needs a showing of support!

You can put money on Lokmar’s books and message him at

Below are articles from Indiana newspapers from 1985 and 1987 that discuss the 1985 uprising that Lokmar was at the center of, and its aftermath.