Black Nationalism is in its major part of our peoples maintenance of our spiritual cultural and political links with our Black civilization of Afrika even though we were uprooted from Afrika’s land mass and torn from our respective Afrikan nations whether they were Yoruba, Zulu, Mandingo, Malagasi, Igbo etc Consequently we were forced because of being seperated from our various Afrikan nation areas and not allowed to speak our distinct Afrikan language, to rely on the Afrikan psyche which was a direct product of the Afrikan civilization as a mechanism for our resistance to our new oppressor and as a reaffirmation of ourselves as a people. So when we are talking as an Afrikan people maintaining our nationalism we are not talking about a nationalism that was imposed by the slave master/slave trader/ imperialism; we are talking about a nationalism which was and is decidedly dependent on the values, and strengths of our Afrikan civilization which provided the necessary SOLIDARITY for Afrikans in spite of loss of our respective national languages, and therefore destruction of our old Afrikan national identity. From the beginning of the slave trade up until the present our people have contined to exhibit a pattern of determination of resistance .. This pattern of resistance was at the very least, a determination to maintain our life forces and what else we could see and feel as being commonly our own, as Afrikans, which the aggression of the slave system did not steal from us as a people.

Therefore the question arises wether or not we had anything left of value, which our people protected from the enemy, and which was the basis of our survival and therefore the roots of our reforging of a New Nation. The relevancy of our Afrikan civilization is tied to the basis of us being kidnapped and stolen from Afrika. Would not the fact that the Afrikans who came here involuntarily, as slaves and as indentured servants of the european settler colony of north amerika, came with an agrarian technology that was indigenous to the mode of production of all Black Afrikan societies graphically demonstrate the significance of Afrikan civilization to our condition and status in the plantation system? Is it not a fact that this level of development of the Pan Afrikan civilization created, by its agricultural expertise and labor the plantation system a mode of production never before seen in the western hemisphere? We believe that we belong to the Afrikan Civilization and are and have always been Afrikans in the CIVILIZATIONAL sense of the word which CHEIKH ANTA DIOP so brilliantly elucidated in his epic work the CULTURAL UNITY OF NEGRO AFRICA. Diop has clarified that there is such a factor as Civilization which clusters of nations can identifiably be grouped and that the Afrikan, from Ancient Egypt to our contemporary days has maintained the centrality of the Afrikan woman in all levels of our societies. He has thoroughly elaborated the centrality of the Afrikan Woman in all levels of our societies and which is certainly true with respect to Afrikans in Mississippi (albeit in distorted form) as it is in contlnental and Caribbean societies.

I’m Not Amerikan Descendant of Slaves The Term Afrikan Controversy – Haki Kweli Shakur

Furthermore, that the Afrikan has never thought of basing lasting morals or metaphysics on pessimistic foundations this becomes clear whether we analyze the Blues, Reggae or more traditional Afrikan Cultural Systems; the philosophical outlook predominately rests upon finding the optimistic even in the face of a severely bad situation, i.e. slavery, imperialism and capitalism. Since we had to maintain our relations with our enslaved Afrikan brethren through an imposed language, which we were unfamiliar with, we had to seek other means of solidarity. This was because the first prerequisite co resistance is at least the rudiments of solidarity. Regardless of whether our people spoke different languages and distinct customs we had to find a common mode of communication to bring about the solidarity of our people in the face of the destruction of our Afrikan nationalities (and the destruction of Afrikan international Drum communications system which was at least indigenous to most of West Afrika). Therefore this constant struggle to achieve a NEW solidarity of our people was and makes us distinct for previously being Afri ans of various nationalities on our mother continent of Afrika. We were a group of Afrikans from virtually all Black Afrikan societies determined to maintain what bound us together as people in the most principal sense, and which had been transmitted through Afrikan women: our determination to resist our oppressors and to maintain our humanity. The Afrikans who developed the plantation system fought against the efforts to destroy their Afrikan familial names and even when these battles were temporarily lost our Afrikan ancestors continued to resist this aggression against our humanity.

Haki Shakur Speaks on New Afrikan Nationhood ( Nationalism ) on The K.Kinte Show Live

Thus on account of this resistance our Afrikan civilizational strengths and features became the major part of the collective personality of our people. So it was ironic that we became a NEW AFRIKAN nationality by relying on the OLD AFRIKAN CIVILIZAT ON within us, the only psychosociological fibre which was able to survive the ‘middle passage’ of the slave trade and the terrorism of the plantation system’s “breaking in” process, as well as the peculiar isolation of the north american system of slavery. Furthermore the monolithic dependence of Black people colonized in the u.s. on the Afrikanity as expounded in this civilizational context is so well entrenched in all levels of our existence, as a people that it has been a significant mode of defense in the face of the dehumanizing process of the u.s. domestic imperial system. In fact, it comprises even, at times and in certain circumstances, more than many other Afrikan peoples the basis of our ‘psychological makeup manifested in a community of culture. I say this because in many areas of the world ‘which the plantation system built’ which is the Americas and the Caribbean the Afrikan nationality is based almost exclusively on one OLD Afrikan nationality or another, or there are still conflicts that appear to be based on the lack of integration of old Afrikan nationalities into a New Afrikan nationality. However with Afrikans colonized in the u.s. the culture is clearly homogeneous, absorbing all the Afrikan elements into a body and outlook which clearly distinguishes it from the cultures of the european settler nation-state of the u.s., but undeniably anchored in the rhythems of our Afrikan Civilization.

Without the maintaining of the centrality of Afrikan women in all levels of our impoverished and colonized society as well as the optimism of our Afrikan outlook permeating and piercing through the european religions which were forced our ancestors our attempts to bring about a new cohesion and integration of our people would have been destroyed long ago. Therefore, in a word, it was because of the PAN AFRIKAN character of our solidarity we were able to become a NEW nationality in the face of resisting the destruction of our old Afrikan nationalities by the imperialist slave traders’ and slavemasters’ plantation system. Thus, in a real scientific and historical sense we are Afrikans, but also a New Afrikan nationality and hence we are NEW AFRIKANS and not Afro-americans as we have been led to believe on account of the lack of maturity of our Black nationalist ideology which like everything else which characterizes a colonized people: our nationalism has been forcibly arrested and distorted because we have been denied the free development of nations.


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